NeonDragon Breaking the Law

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Re: NeonDragon Breaking the Law

Post by Jessi »

dune is the new owner here guys
Thierry Henry
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Re: NeonDragon Breaking the Law

Post by Thierry Henry »

Jessi wrote:dune is the new owner here guys
Hes the next forum kid whose gonna get banned.
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Re: NeonDragon Breaking the Law

Post by Patrick »

Dune wrote:
uhu wrote:--snip--
You're confusing word definitions and legal terms. NeonDragon is not a non profit organization.

It has been over 48 hours, you did not comply with my request. As I could not find an international phone number for the UK's gambling commission, I have emailed them. According to the confirmation of receipt I should hear back from them within 20 working days. Whether the owner of NeonDragon ends up doing jail time or not remains to be seen. Will I get banned for doing my duty and reporting criminal activity involving minors? I sure hope not.

User banned a month for continuous provocation, negativity and causing problems for everyone over minor things
I've decided to ban you for something I've been warning you about 3 times now. Your attitude stinks, you are not bringing any good to the community and you don't seem to learn from this at all. You are still being an asshole and I don't appreciate that kind of behaviour. You are super arrogant and ever since you've joined the community all you have been doing is complaining. If you plan to return after the long ban, then chill. Nobody is forcing you to be here and nobody wants you to be here if this is how you are going to act. You've already made a bad name out of yourself and your presence on the server has been noticed as having a negative impact on the server atmosphere and community.

I'm not going to play any of your stupid, bullshit games anymore - it's a waste of time.

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