Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by Smilee »

Okay first I ask of you not to remove this post, as I would just like to thanks for the time I've spent here.
(you can ban this account if the post still remains, I cant demand you to, but I'd like to have it..)

To start of, I acted very childish in all of the chaos, wont ask for forgivness.
all I want to say is that I wont be seeing you guys much more, but I appreciate the time I spent here.
the first few months I spent here was the among the funnier things Ive been in,
tbh, I have never really been staying at one spot for such a 'long' time, enjoyed it so much.
but with all the recent changes, stuff that goes on it got to much..

anyhow, apologizing (is that how its written?) for the kiddie post I did some day ago.

So, take care and have fun! Smile
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Re: Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by Necro »

Smile... I will miss the funny moments I had with you in the past. Of course we will still having those moments, be sure of that. ;)
Remember always to smile.
Cya mate!
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Re: Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by epic winning »

Bye ;)
Couldn't care less..
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Re: Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by pn »

have fun smile
hope we keep in touch
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Re: Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by KoD »

See you smiley
Eat the rude
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Re: Leaving, (obvious but still..)

Post by Burak--015 »

Good bye, goodluck irl
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