Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Post by Mizurri »

neonDragon, You crossed the line.
you started it with Ancients degrading and giving special treatments to girls

We didnt wanted to accept this, but in the end we did...
And now this happend, and we wont accept this anymore..

Its insane what you are doing, and should not be tolerated eventho its your "community"
(ur payin for it and screwin it up from time to time so ye ur community)

I hope youll fix what you did wrong otherwise i will never come back to this community

EDIT : The second reason is that im bussy with school projects and such



Some special thanks.

LongD: Maby my best friend in nD eventho we didnt talk much last days
Dazo: very fun with u on Ventrilo
Pn: very fun with u also on ventrilo
Skip: ur also in:p hope we can hang out some time
hanyuu: ur awesome ~.~ But dont eat the pedo cake
Ancient: I really respect you, bro cya irl sometimes
Mackey: same goes for you, altho ur kinda weird:P
Sultan: ur sig is almost done, i hope we go to the sishabar sometimes
Burak: Good in cs, even better in being a friend
Auch: dont know you that well, but take care mate..
Chainsaw: if asians ever going to take over the world take me as pet please, ur an awesome person!
Agito: best Admin iv ever seen, i always looked up to you
All dutch fellas:
well meet for sure! but not on hemelvaarts dag.
Loveya pretty eyes
Cya, and remember!

keep always your penis between ur legs while walking to wards a door
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Re: Cya

Post by Johnny »

Pro spammer goes away ;(
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Re: Cya

Post by xelef »

Sad to see you go Mizzuri!
wish you the best in what you decide to do :)
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Re: Cya

Post by Auch »

Bye Mizzury! Its said that your leaving us mate. Take care.
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Re: Cya

Post by Xaturi »

We are definitly going to the sishabar xD
I wish u the best in rl ;)
Good luck and take care
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Re: Cya

Post by Spx. »

Seeya Mizurri, I'm sorry for getting you in trouble in the past.. :/
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Re: Cya

Post by ^skip^ »

Cya mate...

You were a awesome person to play with and somehow faatzor will stay in my head when i think about u more then mizuri does.

Its sad u leave the team, tough im not sure if i will stay.

(ps: maby il come to Alphen soon with the care, well be in touch)
If you are going to f*ck up anyway, you might as well f*ck up in such a way
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Re: Cya

Post by Falastiny »

Goodbye burak and take care
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Re: Cya

Post by Mizurri »


Thanks Falastiny,
But im Faatzor not Burak...=.=
And if u ment my name, my name is Fatih not Burak..=.=
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Re: Cya

Post by Necro »

Damn why you now? -.-"
Good luck mate, keep on being as you are ;)
I with you my best hopes for you Faatzor.
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Re: Cya

Post by KoD »

see ya on hemelsvaart day!
Eat the rude
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Re: Cya

Post by DarkNess »

When is hemelvaartsdag, i forgot D:
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Re: Cya

Post by Kwaakt »

bye bye fatih! See you at the meeting when it happens!

@ darkness hemelvaartdag is at the day the shops in utrecht are open xD
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Re: Cya

Post by Lamk0^ »

Bye Mizuriiiiiii, take care. ;)
the courtesy lives on
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Re: Cya

Post by pn »

good luck faatzor
wish you the best
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