cs at its end

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cs at its end

Post by KING SNEL »

intrest in jailbreak has dropped more and more and after most of my nibbas left now i really cant find much joy in playing. want to thank them top nibbas kaito/henry/tomato/xeph/bix/starzy/pipi/saludos/pop/tagliano/apapaoemama/doeda and many more that made jailbreak fun over the years.. can find me in pubg or dbd whenever that stupid game can start work for me..
will still be active in forums from time to time.
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Re: cs at its end

Post by Wayne »

okay awesome bai.

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Re: cs at its end

Post by Kurza »

see ya n
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Re: cs at its end

Post by SNap »

Hope potato takes ur rank #1 spot then you'll be active again.

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Re: cs at its end

Post by Thierry Henry »

rip 57k hours

cya on steam g
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Re: cs at its end

Post by Silence »

That was pleasure, Snel.
See you!
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Re: cs at its end

Post by Majin Vegeta #BB »

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Re: cs at its end

Post by Hyperion »

Yeah you will be missed :( take care

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Re: cs at its end

Post by Infinite »

cya my favourite hora
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Re: cs at its end

Post by Queen's Revenge »

Wtf?! :cry:
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Re: cs at its end

Post by slink »

snel switching to oddworld ) dont worry will call u when i get some cash nD$$
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Re: cs at its end

Post by pl0t »

Ouch !

Take care bru !
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Re: cs at its end

Post by KaitoKid »

ahhh if anyone could be referred to as the face of jb it would be this guy, mad loss for jb.. fix dbd quick nig then henry can carry both of us
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Re: cs at its end

Post by S.W.A.T »

Tc ma man . Gonna call ya ass when i comeback . Dakota ❤
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Re: cs at its end

Post by amiiz »

Big damn loss :(((((( Take care ma hora,Will still talk on steam fam.
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