Sadly I have to !

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Sadly I have to !

Post by ZeRo#1 »

Some of you have witnessed it for sure that I've been really inactive the last months. I always had the hope everything will become better but sadly it went an other way. I do have no more power left to be in any way helpful for the community as a member and have to leave my member position with a sad feeling in me. After 16 great months being a member in the team I for now have to finally make this decision.

I wont type out any name because I simply met too much great humans and friends here so I just wanna thank everyone for all the great funny moments we had together and I hope I did not disappoint too much guys of you with being such a strict member and hope you still did enjoy the time with even after being sometimes an ass :P

My sickness and medicine I have to take doesn't make it possible to stand authority and to moderate any rulebreaker and also I do not even have power left to join the servers and to just play with fun. But I do believe in the good things in life and maybe we'll play from time to time together and who knows it maybe on a later time I reapply to punish you guys with the so great member powers :lol: ;)
I'll also join the forum from time to time. How can I not if I know I'll see many of my great friends back then.

Again thank you so much guys for all the laughters and fun and hope each one of you stay blessed and healthy.

All the best, your friend ZeRo, PEACE !!!
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by J4ck »

Did not expect that
take care waller.
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by voodoo »

May the force be with you Stefan. Good luck & thank you for the hard work! Appreciated.
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Zeke »

Sakran made you leave :O
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Aash »

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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Infinite »

I thought you was grinding for that admin position
Take care
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Silence »

You're one of the guys I will miss the most in the community.
Come by one day to say hello.
Thanks for all the stuff you had taken care of.
I hope you'll get better so you come back and say it yourself!
Good luck and see you!
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by KING SNEL »

my nibba stephan we had good days and bad days u and me, remember after i got back after my perm ban i saw you was ahead so far on jb toplist, my goal was to pass u. and thats one of the reasons that kept me motivated to play jb. in my eyes its kinda sad to see that this guy isnt an admin yet on how much he done to this community.
u dont get a goodbye from me but you can have a 'i see you soon' ;)
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by S.W.A.T »

Sad to see you leaving. U helped me out every time smth happens if u weren't here i would have got permbanned . I had fun with you for years .You better comeback when ill join . Take care my Nazi big brother ❤
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Sadly I have to !

Post by Hyperion »

Yes my friend you will be missed by almost everyone in nD.
Since I saw this move coming I am glad you choose your health in front of the rest.
You and Zaptor are the only reasons why I applied as a member I knew nD was in good hands for the jail part, sadly there is not much left in the jail team to live from.
We will try to plug the giant hole you will leave us with, as I said before whenever you have the energy just pop up on steam and ill have a cs go game with you and feed the enemys hehe

Stefan take care I honestly hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel!

See you soon ;)
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Thierry Henry »

One of the most enjoyable members in the community.
Nobodys perfect, but if there was any good candidate for nDs future I'd see if you in that picture.
Sad to see you leave, we'll speak over steam from time to time ;)
Might seem drastic but I think the fall of nD is taking big steps at the moment.

Speak to you soon
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by SNap »

Sad to see you leaving stephan :(!

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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by slink »

Thank you for all the work you have done for us, i hope this is not the end, Get well soon and join us we will be waiting for you return =)
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Tagliano` »

Another one to add to the Leaving book... sad.
Take care of you health my old friend, is more important ofc. Enjoy your life, thanks for being on my side many times and for everything you did aswell.
Cya around, ZeRo #1.
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Re: Sadly I have to !

Post by Kurza »

one of the most enjoyable members and had fun playing with you.

take care
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