Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Re: Goodbye

Post by LuminCoB »

Take care Marksel, you'll be missed man.
Good luck with everything, and hopefully see ya soon.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by QuickSilver »

Cya Mark

It was good to have you back again after the first incident. You're one of the people here with a mind pointed in the right direction.
Take care and see you at the Dutch meeting (if it will ever happen)!
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Re: Goodbye

Post by LongD »

Take care Marksel!Was great playing with you and you were one of the smartest guys in this community,ill have a talk with you on steam now and then.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Xaturi »

Ciao Mark
Good luck in rl
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Re: Goodbye

Post by regit »

Goodbye Marksel. I wish you the best in future. Take care and so
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Mizurri »

Cya Marksel,

Dont forget to visit Dutch section, still wanna own you on Guitar Hero
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Necro »

I don't see a reason to you leaving the forums Marksel...
Anyway you are free to do whatever you want and if you think it's the best option to you, just feel free to do it.
You will be missed around here as you know and of course it was great to play with you on Jailbreak.
As me, you like mathematics and physics, Heavy Metal and Rock and that's simply fantastic! There are not much people as we are ^^
Take care mate and good luck in life.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by cookie »

Goodbye my little Frog :`(
i will miss you....
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Marksel »

Thanks alot for the great response guys

@ Necro, about leaving the forums, I will pop by the chat on the forums once every while probably when I'm bored or unable to sleep or something
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Ancient »

Cya marksel, we will still be in touch at steam I gues.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by dnz »

good bye marksel, i havent played with you that much, but still, u are a nice guy.
Hope we can play again together some time
she's ma girl
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Re: Goodbye

Post by StevenN »

Bye Markieboy !
Whatever you do, have fun
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Boyka »

Cya good player..
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Johnny »

Bye, good luck in life..
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Chillz »

Sad to see you leave Mark,
You were a great person, wise-manned and funny also,

Talk to you on steam later man,

Take care and GL.

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