Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Post by Marksel »

Looks like the time has come for me to say goodbye.

I've had an awesome time with alot of you guys in this community, some which I will never forget.
I really enjoyed playing on the nD servers alot, the people here are great (atleast most of them are ^_^) and they made me feel really welcome from the start.

After 2 days if playing on nD jail I realised that I really liked the community and immediately did what I could to help them out, started making like 20 reports a day for people violating rules, and that eventually got me into the moderation team.
I really liked the position of the moderator, powers to punish those that did not follow the rules, yet not enough powers to feel allmighty. It's the perfect balance.
I'm proud of nearly everything I have done and said within this community, I am proud of the hackers I put behind bars, I'm proud of all the rulebreakers I have put behind bars, and I'm proud of being able to contribute as much as I could to the community wether it was helping people on the forums, ingame, discussing about rules and regulations, or even making sure my fellow members were doing the right things.

I know I have caused quite a bit of drama over the period I have been here, I'm pretty sure the earlyer members atleast are aware of that ^_^, but I've only done that all to try and improve the quality of this community, and in my eyes, it usually did turn out that way.
I've had many conflicts that were not really needed at all, very clear examples being with d4z0 in the earlyer times of nD aswell as with Mr.Mackey, now known as the govenour of California much more recently. To these cases and any other conflicts I have had for small/irrelevent reasons, I appologise. I am not here to hate but to have fun ^_^, I might have handled things wrong in the past, but the main goal was always in my head with almost everything I did, and that was making this community a better place to be.

About 6 months ago I had a major conflict with neondragon. He abused his powers frequently on jail, and I told him not to, simply because it was against admin regulations. neondragon obviously felt allmighty and fellt like he was above the rules, which I strongly disagreed with, because an admin rampaging around using his powers whenever he likes is simply terrible for the community, once again, I stood up against him for the greater good of improving the community.
Beleiving in these norms I got myself removed from the nD* team and banned on the forums. I was dropped like garbage because neondragon wanted to have fun regardless of what results it might have on the servers, regardless of what others thought about it, as long as HE had fun.
I then left the community, thinking it was not worth putting time into with someone completely unreasonable as neondragon at the head of the administration.
About 4 months ago I decided to have a look on the forums again, saw that alot of people I knew from summer 09 were still playing the servers, and realised that I really loved the people in this community, so I logged on the servers again. I enjoyed it alot, and even got my membership back.
At that point I thought neondragon had changed. I was not only free to play on the servers, but I even got my moderation powers back without neondragon trying his best to put me down again. At this point I thought neondragon was now a reasonable person, someone that does not hold grudges, someone that realised that what I did was for the greater good of the community.
Quite obviously, it turned out those assumptions were terribly wrong. Neondragon is incapable of change, and therefore now I am certain that putting any more efford into this community would simply be in vain.

Therefore I will now take the leave without return. You will not see me anymore on the servers nor the forums (apart from perhaps this topic and the chat).

I would like to thank everyone I have had fun with, every regular, member and admin that I have had a good time with.
Even though all my efford that I have put into this community now seems to be irrelevent with neondragon being back, I surely don't think it was a waste of time, because I had a damned good time putting that efford into this awesome community.

If anyone has anything to ask or to say, feel free to ask or say it and I will respond accordingly in this topic.

I will miss you guys
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Re: Goodbye

Post by W_a_S_y_L »

Buh bye D':

I will miss you :<

Sometimes I felt like you were one of the smartest guys in here .

I think it's a big loss
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Re: Goodbye

Post by KoD »

are you still coming in the dutch section ;( and to our meeting?
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Marksel »

if a dutch meeting is still going to happen, give me a poke in steam or something I would love that
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Re: Goodbye

Post by wei »

awwww markk nooooo ok ok i will make u turkish pizzas >.
U are a good friend

take care, good luck in ur life
i will miss you
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Frenchpoodle »

It's a shame that you have to leave under these circumstances!

I thoroughly enjoyed your company on servers, although we may have never spoken. I fully appreciate you upholding "the law" and the justice your brought i think should be commended. (in which it was being granted membership)

Standing up for what you believe in today is very rare to come by. Many people back down incase they become an "outcast" or that it "doesn't conform". Most of all they are afraid of consequence. But whether what you have said regarding neondragon has any weight or truth behind it is to be foreseen; i respect you for standing up in what you believe in, a rarity nowadays.

I wish you all the best!
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Smile »

Aw man.. one of the smartest guy on this site leaving :/
this blows.. Your a great guy, and cant agree more with you doing
many of gret things to this community..

Its sad to see you leave,
I hope that you sometime come by and show me a Smile on that face of yours

Anyway, if this would be the last time seeing you, Id like to wish you
the best of luck, and hope you keep doing great stuff

So for now bye Mark, and remeber to keep a smile on your face!
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Sarah »

Bye Mark didnt know you well, but you were always nice and helpfull, you will be greatly missed no doubt about that.

You are one of the smartest guys on nD I iwll miss that ..

Good luck with what ever you do form now on
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Leon »

So uhh... goodbye now Mr. Frog

See ya next time ^.^
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Vlad »

See-ya mark

Yea like alot said ur the smartiest guy around here you'll be missed.

Take care of urself and of ur pinnaple home

Hope that you will keep playing sometimes.

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Re: Goodbye

Post by Mr.Mackey »

Goodbye man,

Even tho we had beef you still were a nice intelligent nooblet.

Good luck irl
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Re: Goodbye

Post by nase »

I never knew what I should think of you because I don't know u that well, but I always assessed you for being a good member with a clear mind, good luck.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by kami (GER] »

hey marksel. beware of monkeys.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Intoxicated »

See you, wish you the best in the future.
Aka Hater.
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Re: Goodbye

Post by Sps »

Take care Mark!

I didnt know you very well, but I think the short times we had togheter was great, and u have always backed me up : )

Hope you get a lovly time!!

I will miss your wise comments aswell

We will never forget you! :' )
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