Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Post by Waschera »

Some of you may have noticed that my name is no longer green. I have decided to step down and leave the task of being an admin up to the rest of the misfits. Unlike last time I left, this has been on my mind for the last 2 months and i decided 2 weeks ago that it was time. Waited until the next meeting to make it official.

Motivation has been on a real low the past months and I've barely wanted to to any of my tasks or be on servers the moments i've had some free time. New additions to the team has also freed me from most of my tasks and I dont see a huge need for me anymore. I currently have 2 jobs taking much time away from me, holidays is coming up and i'm trying to have some form of social life in between all this. I'm also going to become a student again in august and i'm going to do better than last time. I cant have the admin task hanging over my shoulder in between all this.

Thank you to everyone that has made all these years so enjoyable.

PS: I've removed most people on steam. Doing it to get a new start since my list was full of people i didnt know/never really talked to. Dont be afraid to add me again if you want. I dont bite, unless you are into things like that.
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Re: Headline!

Post by Romeo »

You will be missed waschera, wish you best of luck with being a student I know life is sometimes harsh but we all need a moment to face life 1 v 1 and challenge it in order to reach our goal, best of luck man :)
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Re: Headline!

Post by woOW »

Good Bye waschera. Take care of yourself And good luck in your life

Re: Headline!

Post by Death »

Nonnono It can not be, The best former admin! :snooty:
At the first momen I saw it, I did not believe it could happen. you were very helpful to the community and to me!
hope to see you around again goodbye wastchera, take care
Dee Dee

Re: Headline!

Post by Dee Dee »

Take care and enjoy life :) It was a sensible decision, indeed. Thanks for all the work!
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Re: Headline!

Post by Wayne »

Farewell & gl jurgen/jørgen.

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Re: Headline!

Post by [email protected]$$ »

It was really a great time playing with you mate. You have always been one of our favorites :D Wish you all the best!!!!! :) You will be missed take care....
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Re: Headline!

Post by Bob Vegana »

I know you'll be back soon again mate. But until then, take care!
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Re: Headline!

Post by abdi »

Good bye Waschera, Take Care<3
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Re: Headline!

Post by cuddly teddy bear »

have fun polar bear
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Re: Headline!

Post by DarkNess »

GL Studying.
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Re: Headline!

Post by Supercell »

Sad to see u leave mate , take care !
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Re: Headline!

Post by SosA »

Aight cya
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Re: Headline!

Post by Nallez »

cya my man, take care
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Re: Headline!

Post by MicroChip »

I'm sad to knew that you're leaving.. hope the misfits will be able to cover up your presence .
Good Luck :)
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