Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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East Clubber
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Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by East Clubber »

I joined the community almost 5 years ago and spend a lot of time playing here. About a year after I joined the community, I was promoted admin and have been that for almost 4 years now.

Time goes fast and I'm now turning 24 next month. I study physiotherapy in the university on a daily basis, together with working as a fitness instructor at the gym. I spend my freetime on my girlfriend and my training/lifestyle. Since I started studying almost 2 years ago and lost acces to my computer at my mothers house (due to moving to a new city), my motivation and freetime for nD has been slowly declining. Last year or so I've not contributed to the community, the same way I did in the past and my motivation for playing only came back in phases, where I played non-stop. These phases however, became rarer and rarer. The last 2 months I haven't played CS at all. I've enjoyed playing and being part of this great community, but I stopped playing games. My leaving is seen by some as long overdue, but my ties to the community have been so deep, that it has been hard to face the truth.

The 1. November I was accepted into one of Denmarks best personal trainers, athlete team of 10 carefully picked, promising applicants.
The next 12 months I will be training and dieting hard, under his supervision, specifically to stand on the stage in September with the best athletic body in Denmark.
If I do well, I can get qualified to compete against the other scandinavian countries and in the end internationally.

This will require all my time, so together with doing well in my studies and still having time for my girlfriend, I will have to quit other time consuming parts of my life.
This includes nD.

The people who know me well and befriended me on FaceBook, can follow my journey towards the stage next year.

I wish you all farewell and hope the community will still manage to thrive and continue bringing players the joy, I remember having myself.

Yours truly
nD's bodybuilder :)

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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Evil-homer »

Sorry to see you leaving East Clubber , good luck for your future and all the best
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by swarleyPLZ »

Good luck.
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neonDragon Admin
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Konijn »

Got a ton of good memories from playing with you dude! You were also the person who told me I should apply for member and consequently the reason I did.

Good luck with your studies & your athlete thing, hope you make it to the international stage.
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by doeda »

Gl man
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Shadi »

Man I don't know what to say... you were one of the first admins I saw. We've been on the same plane on our way to Amsterdam and had a blast there. You helped me get admin and although we could often disagree with our viewpoints about how the community should run we could set that aside and have fun in-game. You also went so far and gave me training and diet plans and although I stopped after our sessions it was still a valuable experience and has been very appreciated. I hope you'll say hi on the servers somewhere in the distant future, else, we can just Facebook :)

One of the admins people actually enjoyed interacting with. (The times you were there :P)

Thanks for everything.
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- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by SoeSope »

Peace out!
Run for the death
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Waschera »

Not surprising. East i wish you all good in life and with you're body. You have been here as long as i have and i have had many great moments with you. You did a great job as an admin the times you were here :)

I realised now that i have not thanked you for pushing me to make my application so i am going to do that now. Thank you ;) If it have not been for you i dont think i would have been a member even now.

Once again good luck in real life.
"If one man can create so much hate, imagine all the love we can create together!"

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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by KING SNEL »

good luck east clubber!!
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Kwaakt »

yes this did not came as a surprise. It was really fun to play with you.

I wish you good luck with your goals. Congratz that all your hard work seems to pay off. Keep that flow going!
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Starzy »

One of the best admins for sure,

good luck with your career, hope you make it far.

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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by hybRid »

Goodluck East !
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by mange2 »

great admin, gl dude hope u go far!!
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by Jellow »

The best person by far that I met on nD, I'm happy to say I was a member during your active period and I had a blast every time I played with you.

I know I might be one of the biggest supporters of cleaning up the admin crew, thats never been personal.

Thank you for great times and good luck
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Re: Leaving to pursue my dreams!

Post by .Cell. »

Saw this coming in a way. You did make jail fun. And I remember your jokes, they're still the best to enlighten the environment. You are one of the people I've learnt to command from as well. I will always be a boy to you east, hate you for that! Any ways, good luck with your career and studies as you are now leaving us with great memories of you!
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