Bye Bye

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Macho Man
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Bye Bye

Post by Macho Man »

Bye bye aswell you saw that im just repeating

Some of you guys are going to say WTF !! AGAIN ??? aswell you had rigth again imma leave for good counter-strike
that fucking update fucked everything for mee i cant play more then 1 hour so i will quit for that cause im just quiting counter-strike i have deleted the local content ....
ill miss ya all

this are the people ill miss the most [RunkOlle Lien East (Rex) Kallekanin Cookie Black Leader Thierry Henry Kamer Evil Homer Karn Bixplus (a Little ) ( SHADI OF COURSE ) SIX yemm (i know you have that 300k ) SAMBUUUDIII PIKA HATER MMage and Xalus ]

No offense guys ill miss you all but most them they helped me lots

Im not gonna say the many reasons i got i have said them oready in my apply ... thats all have a great fucking life bye bye

"this year you have been 16, 13 and now 14 turning 15, how old are u exactly?"
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by Jellow »

cya in 2 weeks ;)
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by Lien~ »

Did something happen apart from the cs-update? It seems like you are quite annoyed/irritated over something. Maybe we can solve it so you can stay? Have you tried everything in regards to the 'fucking' update already? It would be a pity to see you leave when the solution(s) to the problem(s) is within a decent reach.

If you do decide to completely leave then I want to wish you a pleasant life. Good luck in school and make sure you do something useful and stay on the right path! :) Thanks for the laughs and thanks for showing us that you worked hard to improve yourself! Hope to see you pop in from time to time! Good luck Macho!
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by Maltazard »

Jellow wrote:cya in 2 weeks ;)
Gotouda Aki
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Cya Macho :)

Maybe once all the updates if finished you'll come back or if at some point you miss nD too much.

Else, have fun and goodbye ^^
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neonDragon Amdin
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by Shadi »

Have fun brother.
To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals is courtesy, to inferiors is nobility.

- Benjamin Franklin
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Re: Bye Bye


Who on earth would miss yemm

Have a nice life dude cya.
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by SiX »

Sad to hear this Macho..
However, take care in real life and see you if you any day return.
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Re: Bye Bye

Post by GuuhaN »

SiX wrote:Sad to hear this Macho..
However, take care in real life and see you if you any day return.
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