Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by SoeSope »

van haale wrote:Sad to see you leaving :( , Also good luck in real life mate. ;)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Queijo da Serra »

SultaN wrote:Goodbye and Take care.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Lucius »

Aw shit man dont leave me :/ I really hope we can still have contact with each other cya :(
Yours sincerely, Lucius
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Styx »

Goodbye Daka, good luck in your real life.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by kami (GER] »

you ass didnt mention me. and i am the reason for ur nickname.. goooosh ! D:
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Nallez »

wheres me :'(

I loved playing with you, I always had fun with you on skype and your friends (it was awkward sometimes). But I hope we can talk still at skype.

Goodluck with your life mate.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by daka »

Thanks everyone for those nice words,

And I indeed forgot some people, Sorry for that but with most of you guys I had lots of fun.
And nallez, Ofcourse we will still talk on skype, Me and the girl are still waiting for you to come :P

Like I said I will still be active on the forums, Play some in the fun server when I got time to.
I will not forget this community, But just need a little break.

Just again, Thanks everyone means a lot to me ;)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by sixon »

Love you, aka! (yes homo)
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