Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by daka »

Hello all,

Many of you should already know my fun of playing here is kinda gone.
Neondragon isn't what it was like 3 years ago, When we all had fun.

Its kinda sad to see how it changes in a negative way, For me the reason to leave the community.
I might be playing a little bit in the fun server, But also not that much anymore Jailbreak, isnt fun for me anymore if you try to make some fun there are some people "acting way to serious" And thats not what happend 3 years ago.

The players who were playing here in 2010/2011 and whatever arent here anymore, Only some of them are still arent here but not that much.
The new players here got no "respect" for the regulars, Maybe sounds very stupid but I can't see the difference between a newcomer and a regular anymore.

And ofcourse, There also was a lot of fun going on, People who were trying to make people laugh, But at the same time were still able to command Therefor,
I wanna thank lots of players, First of all BAMBI such a great an fantastic guy when he is getting accepted as a member maybe its gonna get saved by going down to a nonfun community.

I also wanna thank Thierry Henry, Nova,TheHouseKat,Sixon,Darra,Jumpstyler And everyone I had fun with I know I forgot some names here, But those people knows it theirself.

All I want to say is goodluck everyone, And hope to see some better changes here so its comming back to "The old neondragon".

I know that like almost know one might give a shit that Im leaving, But I just wanted to tell you so you guys don't think im "DEAD"

PS (Sorry for the English, But ya... Thats how I am A cowboy from The Netherlands)

Goodbye for the last time dakazadimama AKA The Horseinator.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Emziek »

Took you long enough to realise the server turned to shit lol.

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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Gotouda Aki »

Cya and enjoy whatever you're going to do now :)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by SLS »

Sad to see you leaving :( , Also good luck in real life mate. ;)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by ivanici »

Cya Daka it whas fun to play with you, take care IRL ;)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Jumps7yl3r »

The Horseinator wrote:I can't see the difference between a newcomer and a regular anymore.

The trail HAHAHAHA

Well man what can I say ... I feel you, anyway I'm still on steam, I'm still gonna help if you need it. See you later and maybe we'll command one day like in the old times.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Maltazard »

Sad to see you leave this community. You are a good person with respect. Take care of yourself! And good luck in the future man! :)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Bye man. Wil u still play pcw/mix?:P
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Xaturi »

Goodbye and Take care.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by SiX »

Didn't see this coming horsy.
Take care irl and I hope you'll still stick around the forums and poop in sometimes ;)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Shadi »

Peace, who knows ya might pop around again.
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Lien~ »

Good luck Aka! I already talked with you in steam and I will be there in the future aswell, in case you need me :)
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Spiitzz »

Did the horseporn take over?
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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by mange2 »

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Re: Time to say goodbye (dakazadimama)

Post by Coby »

good bye mr.horse :ugeek:
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