My time as an admin is over

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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ShAl' D.
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My time as an admin is over

Post by ShAl' D. »

Hello fellow players of neonDragon.

I'm just coming here to make you aware of the fact that I left my functions as an Administrator of the community. The reason why I did so is due to my studies. Not entering in the boring details but my life will take a radical shift in the coming months and I gotta be prepared to it (I'm taking my functions in a research lab in economics as a trainee - I'll basically have to work as a researcher, the only difference will be that I'll have some help from senior researchers of course :mrgreen:).

As some of you already noticed, I became inactive more and more each day since about 2 months now. I also wanted to come here to say that I'm sorry about it. It wasn't planned at all, and the reason I didn't resign before is because I thought it'd get easier for me in the future. The thing is, it won't for at least 8 months :D therefore my decision to leave the team.

I won't leave the community and I'll still help as much as I can on several points so it's not a goodbye really, but yeah I still wanted to make you aware. I especially wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank the admin team for the chance they gave me first as a member, and then as an admin. I also wanted to thank all the people that helped me all my way in the community and all the people I had fun with :)

I'd like also to thank the regulars in there, because I know a lot of them are working hard to make this community live.

I think that's about all. I'm not that good for such things, I'm sorry :)

So for those who wants to, you can of course poke me on steam or using PM for some chitchat or for questions about the origin of the universe. Else we'll most likely come across eachother in-game, when I'll have the time to.

So, see you soon and take care guys !

/ShAl' D.
"I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over" - Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Nallez »

Goodluck with your studies, Have fun also!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Emziek »

Still feels like yesterday you got recruited to the zombie team even though it was 1 and a half year ago (!)
I wish you the best of luck in real life my friend!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by shayan »

man whats with all the people quitting
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by AjanozeN »

Good job in the future!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Decency »

Never really talked to you, but I guess it's sad for most of the people here, Bye, good luck with your studies!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Styx »

Have fun your studies, I really hope you come back!

Cee ya ;)
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Karn »

You will be definitly remembered , as a friendly and helpful person in this community , I wish you all the best of luck and I hope you pass by from time to time ! :P
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Ex1ne^ »

Ex1ne^ wrote:I don't know you, but I can tell you are smart. Putting your future in front of moderating a gaming-community, wise.
Wish you the best of luck on your personal life, as well as your exams. :)
Basically the same as GoHan's, without the exams part, but still. Good luck!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by Blaze »

I knew you for a time! A little short time when you were before membership/ when you became a member. Maybe for some weeks.

It was nice to know you and i think you jave done a good jjob as admin. Good luck with life!
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by SiX »

Good luck irl, althought I didn't know you that well, ti was nice to know you as much as I was able to.
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Re: My time as an admin is over

Post by daka »

Kinda late but still wanted to thank you for the work you have done, you were a great friendly person hope you will still play on nD cause we had some nice times.
goodluck with your studies mate.
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