Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Agent Smith
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Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Agent Smith »

Hello everyone,

I suppose you may well be aware of the fact that i'm not online for the past week or so, and I will continue this trend.
That is because I am leaving the nD community, I will quit Counter-Strike and I won't come online on Steam ever again.

Most of you know me as Agent Smith, and that's the name I used when I first entered Jailbreak, but I had been on nD for several years before under different nicknames, I was mainly online on the Deathrun server and the Zombie server. I enjoyed spending my time over the years.

As the Jailbreak server released at the start of the summer, I found a new server which I enjoyed, and back then I was merely 14 years old. I enjoyed playing with several people which were online at that time, such as d4z0, DarkNess, Falastiny and many more and I found playing on the Jailbreak server very amusing, because it was something new. Not much games were played, which meant that there was still room to invent and play new games... And so it happened, new games were invented by many creative commanders including me, games such as hide and seek and last reaction.

At that time it was like a new world opened up before us, which was mainly the reason behind the Jailbreak's popularity. The server was full 24/7 and it was awesome, almost everyone had a good attitude. As a result of those combined factors I decided to apply. I lied at that time about my age that I was 3 years older than I really am and people believed me because of my deep voice. I was one of the first few to be accepted into the nD* Jail team. I had served as an nD* Jail member for exactly one year. I had quit being an nD* Jail member because I was inactive and I had no desire to be a member on a server I wasn't even active on.

I witnessed all the changes to the nD* server such as the JBshop, the achievements, the last request plug-in and many more.
Some of the changes were great, other changes were not. Over the period of time, people took Jailbreak less serious and people found it more amusing to act like an idiot on the servers, and the amount of idiots seemed to increase every time, and that made the Jailbreak experience less enjoyable. Thanks to those people, rules were tightened, which was annoying, but necessary.

Thanks to those extra rules, however, additional factors which made the game more enjoyable were eliminated, such as teamkilling at the end of the round or the purity game. Jailbreak became not as good as it used to be, it's like that one magic touch was lost, but I still continued playing nonetheless.

The only thing what completely killed it for me though, was the gambling-system. I remember that I was quite rich, but I had seen that many kids which weren't even very active on the server became lucky and that resulted in an overflow of cash for the lucky people, not for the people who dedicated their time to the server. Which was in my perspective, very unfair. I had lost my faith in the system. Next to that I had witnessed friends/casuals being accepted in the member team which basicaly transformed them, into another "Agent" of the system. They used to be fun to talk to, but now thanks to that membership the fun in those conversations was gone. I call this the "Agent Smith-syndrome", many members and admins, the previous and current succumbed to this the Agent Smith-syndrome. It's like the membership basically transformed their personality, and I must admit that it almost happened to me as well. This all ruined the gaming-experience even more for me.

That was the main cause for the situation that I will now explain. I confess that I was the mastermind behind the cashfarming, I created the idea a long time ago and once the USA server aired I decided to give it a throw, what we basically did was to have the CTs allow them to be killed by me, if you do that on an empty server which was in this case the USA server you can earn like 200k in one hour time, which seemed pretty useful to me. I assembled a crew, of which I do not wish to mention the names and started farming.

I did this all because I despised the gambling system, people who had been active for years on the server could now lose all of their cash and people who rather new to the server became richer than the old-schoolers.

That's where Maki comes in, Maki was one of the people I trusted and he had participated in the cashfarming, that is until he stabbed me in my back and violated my trust. I was willing to accepted the consequences and I found them well-deserved, but afterwards... I utterly despised Maki, since he was a trusted friend in the past, without me he wouldn't even participate in the cashfarming, because I was the only person who trusted him and pleaded for him. The fact that he violated my trust and did not care about our friendship which lasted a long time made me hate him, more than anything. This is the reason why I have blocked communication with him forever, and do not wish to contact him ever again.

But then again, you might think that I should have known better, but I did it because I hated the gambling-system which I mentioned before. You might disagree with me and you might not find it a viable excuse, but I don't really care anymore since it's the past and i'm leaving anyway. In my opinion it's better to try and fail than to never try and as I said I accepted the consequences. That doesn't change the fact that I completely hate backstabbers... also because of personal reasons of which only the most trustworthy person knows of and which will remain a secret because it's a personal matter.

The only thing what kept me active on the server was commanding, I still love to talk on the server, whether it's just commanding or talking about politics, but now... my mic has broken down and that made me realise that JB$ has no value in real life and that I have no desire to stay on the server ever again, not only that... but I have some real life issues to work on myself. I have dreams and basically I am destroying my dreams if I were to continue playing counter-strike all the time. I do not wish to create any uncertainty about my future, that's also a contributing factor why I will leave.

The reason why I won't be on Steam either is because I want to resist the temptation, the temptation is always there and I just need to ignore the temptation to start playing like an addict again.

I have enjoyed the wonderful experienced over the course of these years, I have met a lot of people which were nice and without them the experience would be much harsher. And even though you may not have liked me, that doesn't change the fact that I still enjoyed playing with every single one of you.

I will never come online ever again, not even on the forums, because I wish to move on and not stay with the people from the past, even though you have meant a lot to me. So i'm afraid you won't have the possibility in contacting me, but you all have meant a great deal to me which I will have in my memories. If I do come online, even on Steam... that would mean I broke the promise I made to myself.

I wish the best to all of you with the exception of that one lying backstabbing snake.

~Agent Smith aka Robert
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by iSuck »

Ahh, have a good life Agent, and good luck! Never really knew you much, but yeah.
Good bye, Agent!
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Emziek »

I know we werent that good friends but i always enjoyed your commanding especially back when you were allowed to play sslrccg. Good luck with your dreams. Good bye Agent. ;)
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Shadi »

I'll be honest and say I didn't really like you at first, however getting a couple of talks with you made me change my mind.

You're a nice guy and you had trust in me and confronted me with some of your problems which I will of course keep and not forget.

You were a horrible commander, you had the potential, rule knowledge and everything yet you still forced people to stay in the cage, and constantly doing cage days. Although, that's no big issue anymore. I just wanted to let you know. However, not everyone thinks you were horrible and you should of course also know that, I even know one that sees you as the person's favourite commander... although the majority, including me really disliked your commanding.

Other than that I bet you were a good member and a motivated commander/person back in your time, and I see why things have gotten too far for you. The gambling can indeed bring some justice and injustice. I don't really know why I'm writing as I doubt you'll read it anyway.. but in case you do sneak on, then farewell and have a good life. Hope your goals will be accomplished.
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Sexypanda »

Fair-well Smith, I always enjoyed talking to you and especially enjoyed being part of your fun games in jailbreak, you will always be one of the guys I considered
to make Jailbreak a better place, I completely agree with your points and I wish you the best in whatever direction you choose to take with your life. Life is full of back stabbers, people will do crazy things to reach there goals and I guess Maki just wanted to be recognized as a serious member, I guess he thought sacrificing the trust you had in him for that recognition was a good trade.

About your commanding, I have to say that I appreciated it every time I logged into jailbreak and saw you commanding, it seems these days though that people with high amounts of cash target the good commanders by buying guns and eventually making them give up, it's a shame because it's really demoralising for the people that want to try and command fun days, the funny thing is the terrorists whine about not having fun days but really they are shooting themselves in the foot by rebelling so much.

Have a great life Smith, cya round buddy!
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Karn »

What i've read really touched me , this is like an autobiography ... what i'm saying is that you'll be missed because you were a good person and it was such an enjoyable moments we as players spent with you (even tho you would give us a headache with your politic world haha)
but yeah , I wish you good luck in real life , and I hope you come and visit us later
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Mati »

Hey Agent,
we played a lot in the beginning of jailbreak, and I still remember those times pretty well. Unfortunately we never really talked a lot, altough I got the impression that you're an interesting, thoughtful person to talk with on our last conversation.

I find it pretty weird to declare the gamble system as root of all evil - not only as an excuse for your actions but also as an explanation for bad game quality. The gambling system removes so much money out of the system, that winnings aren't unjustified at all, and in most of the times, even removes those shortly afterwards. Your thoughts of behavior changes after receiving roles are very interesting though.

But enough of that, what's far more important than any game-related aspect is your life. I can fully understand that after all this time you would like to focus on other things, and leave gaming behind. As for my taste, your step is very abrupt and drastic, and I think it's better to just get inactive, still show up occasionally when bored, but just push the priority of all other things above it. I can understand it though if you claim that it needs to be like this due to temptation and not enough willpower.

Good luck man, I wish you the best in life, and if you could stop by ocassionaly on the forums it would be interesting to know about how you're doing.

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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Toon »

Tl;dr no but as Shadi said I too disliked u at first mainly cause u didnt care. What I mean with this is u never bothered looking at the chat if someone misunderstood. There are many more reasons which I am too lazy to write about since im on my phone. Anyways gl!
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Tiny Dancer »

I bid you farewell!

Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Maki »

Should probably answer, since there's a whole part about me.

I first met you and you were a good guy indeed, the first time I got you on steam, we didn't talk much nevertheless I considered you as a good friend and everything. Not as much as some people but I think we were decent friends atleast. I never knew you that much of Jailbreak but you weren't such a bad commander as some people assume, probably all the whine were due to your long rounds and the cage games that you were doing pretty often but I did see you do some awesome days and I'm sure you had the potential to do way better than you did.

We stopped talking for a while until I saw you on the servers again, not that many months again, upon what we talked a bit. Wasn't much back then and nothing was really happening but then in end June start July when the USA servers had just started, I saw five people in it. Including you, swarley, faceless, Airmax (that was afk 24/7), Buckley and Erader. I joined seeing someone with more than 30kills in less than 10minutes and saw that you guys were indeed farming.

Now, at that moment I just had a talk with you, not that much that would've made you have suspicions about me reporting you but I gave some maybe not obvious warnings, neither did I ever say it was going to be me that would do it. I later came in the group and reported you guys to an admin, which made you guys have this sanction.

Now I might look like the bad guy, the evil guy and so on and should instead probably have a good talk with you to make you stop but unfortunately I didn't think that much back then. I understand why you're mad at me and despise me but that's how it is and we can't go back in the past anymore.

I sure didn't think it would have such big consequences for you guys although it's not the matter here and didn't know back then it would have been a reason for you to leave. I'm sorry about this and tried to fix it on steam until you blocked me, it seems it didn't work out well.

Good luck in Real life and Goodbye Agent, I doubt you'll read this post or are even willing to but here it is anyway.
Sexypanda wrote:Life is full of back stabbers, people will do crazy things to reach there goals and I guess Maki just wanted to be recognized as a serious member, I guess he thought sacrificing the trust you had in him for that recognition was a good trade.
I didn't even think about trust or anything back then, all happened really fast. And even though I'd probably do it if I could go back in the past, I would probably do it differently. And no, I didn't do it to be recognised as a serious member since in my knowledge, only one admin knew it was me that did it. I never bragged of it or anything, I wasn't trying to get anything out of it. Feel free to trust me on that point or not but that's how it is.
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Damn no more fun commanding just lame commands:_>

Well Agent Smith

good bai and good luck in your real life man! I bet many peoepl wil miss u.....

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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Jellow »

Bixplus wrote:Damn no more fun commanding just lame commands:_>
haha i think this is the most hilarious thing i ever read...

good bye smith, i guess u where a nice guy deep down somewhere, but annoying as hell for the most part.

gl in rl.
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by Kempavafan »

No tl;dr version?
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by face1ess »

Goodbye agent smith you were a really good friend that i trusted alot, im gonna miss u and i understand why youre quitting.
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Re: Agent Smith bids you farewell, forever.

Post by spaxor »

Maki wrote: Including you, swarley, faceless, Airmax (that was afk 24/7), Buckley and Erader.

Good thing u saying all the names while many people tryed to keep it as a secret. so smart :hand:
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