Time to go

Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Ghost Shooter
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Re: Time to go

Post by Ghost Shooter »

gl in real life. I will miss u was a good member when u was member and u were a nice person to :) Hope I will see u sometimes. :)
hello everyone
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Re: Time to go

Post by Vlad »

Good luck with everything in real life, hope everything turns out well for you.

"Vlad loves Minna" :D
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Re: Time to go

Post by minna »

Firstly: Exam done and passed! \o/ Wohoo. So hopefully Ill start working next weeks sunday. Yeiii :D

Second: Ty all for your nice words and ive sure had really fun times with you guys <3 If ill start missing you too much, ill just pop by ;)

Vlad wrote:"Vlad loves Minna" :D
"What you want?"

:D :D
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Re: Time to go

Post by Путинтебяобстрелит »

Bai bai minna :(
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