Leaving the community? :( Post here so we can all say goodbye. :)
(come back when you realise the terrible mistake you made ;) )
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Post by farfar »

Hello guys,

I have decided to leave the team since im not going to be able to play almost at all, and i took the decision to uninstall steam since im using my laptop as a business computer from now on.

many things have changed since i left for my vacation and all have been for the good case, from tomorrow on i will probably not be online on steam at all, I have enjoyed playing here and if i ever decide to play again i'll make sure to dropp by,

Atm i have many things to do, work, wife and school, so i will not have time to be online and i hope you will give my spot to someone that is worthy.

Anyways i wanna thank everyone , admins and members, regulars and all others for the time i have had, we had our times on and off, and i really get to like you all, :).

Wish you guys the best

Farfar^<3 , Aka Teynor
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epic winning
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Re: Leaving

Post by epic winning »

gl with life farfar
Couldn't care less..
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Re: Leaving

Post by Vlad »

Good luck with everything grandpha! ;)
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Re: Leaving

Post by lil-Wesley »

Vlad wrote:Good luck with everything grandpha! ;)
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Re: Leaving

Post by Ry4N »

Good Luck in RealLife!
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Re: Leaving

Post by Spato »

Good luck farfar hope to see you soon!
AIK <3
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Re: Leaving

Post by wei »

awww görüsmek üzere teynorcum. Hersey gönlünce olur. Basarilar dilerim :) Allaha emanetsin^^
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Re: Leaving

Post by Starzy »

Good Luck in the future Farfar all the best for you !

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Re: Leaving

Post by Sarah »

Aaw jag kommer sakna dig farfar :( lycka till me allt :)
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Re: Leaving

Post by k0u »

Good luck with RL :D
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Ying and Yang
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Re: Leaving

Post by Ying and Yang »

GL & HF, we will miss you!
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Re: Leaving

Post by Ghost Shooter »

Byee farfar or grandfather.

U have been a great member and every thing u was a fun person. I miss u :))

Good luck whit your rlly life. Have fun.

Ses kanske nån vacker dag :)))
hello everyone
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Re: Leaving

Post by Waffle »

Good Luck Farfar!

Hope to see you again :)
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Re: Leaving

Post by Spiitzz »

Nuuuuuu :< don't leave me you noob ! D:

But good luck with real life! I will miss you<3
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Re: Leaving

Post by Unown »

cya arr arr

hope well see u in the server sometime
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