Posting a YouTube video

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Posting a YouTube video

Post by neondragon »

So, you have a YouTube video that you want to display on these forums.

Look at the video's URL, which should look like:

Option 1: Video ID without dimensions

Take the part that I have highlighted in yellow, and place it in a youtube bbcode tag, like this: [­youtube]z3gnGW40-Ic[­/youtube]

The end result when displayed should be:

Option 2: Video ID with dimensions

On the YouTube page for the video you want to display, if you click on 'embed' on that page, you should see some HTML code that includes the ideal width and height of the vidoeo. If you want to include these so that it is a better size, do as follows:


Option 3: Flash BBCode tag

Option 3 is disabled.
You can actually put any Flash file into the page, if you wanted to link to something on a site other than YouTube for instance. The URL enclosed in the [­flash][­/flash] BBCode tags must be the URL to the flash .fla file you want to display.

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Re: Posting a YouTube video

Post by Punchline »

Option 1 and 2 , isnt working... :think:
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Re: Posting a YouTube video

Post by k0u »

Punchline wrote:Option 1 and 2 , isnt working... :think:
Well it is when you press the youtube link this appears[youtube ''='' delete that and it should work perfect
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