Add PM for Deathmatch

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Add PM for Deathmatch

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Deathmatch need Private Message.It is the server that needs it more than other servers, because it is the server which preferred by hackers.
I was looking with my friend about an evader hacker on Deathmatch, we are steamers we can press SHIFT + TAB and send a message but that take time, it is possible to lose an important snapshot with that option.we could just change our teams to spectator and use team message.then, i pressed Y instead of U and wrote screenshot was taken after a few seconds a player disconnected without recording a, i hope you will add PM to deathmatch.
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Re: Add PM for Deathmatch

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I will link you the topics and replies from admins about topics similar to this one.
[url][/url] [color=#00CC00]konijn[/color] wrote:you can type in team chat "@@ message" and this will be sent to all members/admins online.
and there is this topic about it as well which I dont think is as helpful as the quote :

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