Counter-Terrorists nD Jailbreak !

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Counter-Terrorists nD Jailbreak !

Post by AndroJB »

Hello everyone ! So the time i've been on the server i''ve seen alot off people commanding and being ct's and i def dont wana throw anyone under a buss, but i feel like Ct's are not taking their role as serious as they once did. I don't expect every ct to command or make the best rounds but i simply ask for people that join the CT side to make the most off it, even if there is only 10 on the server.

Just now recently there is alot off ct's who's not even commanding or taking over if the commanding officer dies. Back in the day when i played almost everyone even younger players were using their mics and trying to command for the best experience.
No one is asking for every single ct to command every round but i've seen alot off times its only some cts who's actually commanding, and i think its more fun for everyone if we switch it upp abit each round making new people command, this leading into new games for example.

I've also seen alot off ct's fking about while someone is commanding, even if its a full server which in my opinion i think is boring, if you are going to be a ct then please dont fk around in surf or anything if there is over 20 Terrorists inside the cage. And im not saying this because i wana be some butthurt asshole, im just saying this because it makes it funnier for everyone, the more /lr's the more fun people gonna have, For example today, there was 2 maps where Terrorists Simply just ran inside the Gun Room when the cells was open because Ct's was just fking around on the map.

As i said before, im not gonna name any names even if i can, i just wana bring awarness to everyone to chill out a bit and enjoy the Counter-Terrorist " Roleplay ".

Thrust me, getting a nice round in with some games makes the server morale go upp 10x.

Anyway i just wanted to bring some awarness to people to have in the back off their mind while being on the CT side. Anyway Thanks for reading and i hope i'll see you on the server soon

Kind Regards Andro !

Ps : No hard feelings towards anyone, we all here to enjoy a bit off jailbreak-
-* Remember ! You only live once *-
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Re: Counter-Terrorists nD Jailbreak !

Post by S.W.A.T »

I agree with what you said . That is what making jailbreak boring a bit !
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