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#6 (ISO #1)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Roman Numerals Are Hard (Working Title)

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#86 (ISO #2)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]
Patrick wrote:
HATEFUL wrote:
Don't get me wrong, I never said I had a PR role. I only mentioned that there were role changes and therefore the possibility of me being a villager (which was my previous role) has changed. I could still be a villager though. Anyway, its obvious who we should be voting and I urge everyone else to do the same thing as its pretty obvious what his intentions are. For those who don't know, he's trying to make a bandwagon on me based on reasons like:

Even though he admits that there is a large possibility of me having a PR, he still insists to lynch me. Do we really need someone like this to survive the game?

You pretty much claimed to have a PR role and now you are trying to deny that you claimed - you obviously realised that you screwed up. I voted you for two reasons:
One of them being that I have experienced playing village with you. This was not really a good experience since you were stubborn, paranoid and extremely arrogant.
This is what I meant when I said that there is a 110% chance of you being bad. You seem to be your own worst enemy and I think you are harming the village more than helping it - no matter what your role is.

The second reason I voted you is because I'm kinda salty. I was excited for the first role setup, at least for myself, and you screwed that up aswell. In my opinion you should have been modkilled and thats why I decided to vote you for now.

The reasons above might sound like some personal bs, but it's also a more or less random vote. We have nothing to work with as the game currently stands, and until anything else pops up I'll keep my vote on Ultor. He also seems to be defending himself a bit too much for my taste. I'm however willing to change my vote if something useful pops up, or if someone can in touch with the deputy and make him peek Ultor. For now I'll let my vote stand where it is for the reasons I described above.

Also keep in mind - since he has a PR - that there is a 50% chance of him being mafia.

If he was a Mafia, I don't think Ultor would have claimed what all of you seem to interpret as a PR role claim.
Nor does it necessarily make him a PR. What Ultor said was:
"oh sorry I didnt mean to ruin the game like that I thought it was okay... Anyway voting me is a terrible idea now especially when we had role changes"

To the common eye, this sounds like a pr claim. But since it's Ultor we are talking about, I'd not be too sure. And I actually have to give Ultor credit for many of his plays, which often go unrecognized. I'd not want to lynch him yet over this.

As for patrick. He was the Vigilante prior to the role pm switch. Of course he'd be salty. I'm quite confident he rolled a Vanillager. So @Ultor, asusming you are Town, don't vote for patrick. I've a feeling he's a town member. And so might you be. We should look elsewhere imo for other r1 lynches.

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#178 (ISO #3)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]
[Vote UnwaveringGrey]

Current vote tally:
UnwaveringGrey - 3 - Blaze, Patrick, Six
Numble - 1 - Lawliet
Patrick - 3 - Karn, Cerdric, UnwaveringGrey
Larah - 1 - HATEFUL
No vote - 3 - Dee Dee, Styx, Numble

As I've previously stated, I'm not much for lynching either Ultor or Patrick. I'll put my vote on Grey since he's the one most likely to be lynched out of those whom I suspect. Other people include Styx and Cruxell. It's also quite weird how Blaze sneaked that vote on Ultor.
Anyway, I'll be heading off after this post, but these 4 are someone whom the Deputy might want to consider peeking.

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#189 (ISO #4)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]
[Vote Patience]

Did you shoot cerdric?

Current vote tally:
Patience - 1 - Six
No vote - 9 - Dee Dee, Styx, Numble, Larah, Blaze, Lawliet, Karn, Unwaveringgrey, hateful

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#248 (ISO #5)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]
[Vote Cruxell]

Cruxell - 4 - HATEFUL, Lawliet, Styx, Six
HATEFUL - 3 - Cruxell, Larah, Dee Dee
No vote - 4 - Numble, Blaze, Karn, UnwaveringGrey

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#329 (ISO #6)  Re: Mafia XXXV: Choices, Choices [MWF 9PM EST]
Cruxell wrote:
Good game well played.
SiX, if you knew Ultor was falsely claiming vigilante, why didn't you vote him instead of me? Just curious.

I had a good town read on both Ultor and Patrick since round 1. Patrick flipped town. In addition to this I was also quite busy this game being in the middle of taking my driving license and reading towards my exams, so I decided to claim to Ultor. I'd not be be able to pay too much attention to the game, hence partially my inactivity. We basically had all of this planned with Ultor working as my proxy. He gave me information and interacted with the players. I must say that Ultor did play it really well here. Even after the claim he gave off Town vibes. Kudos to you Ultor for that! He was active and shared logs of his conversations with Lawliet and Karn. But this also made me draw my own conclusions contrary to what Ultor wanted me to - trusting him unconditionally.

As for you kontra; You claimed Deputy quite late into the game. It wasn't long until I'd go off for the night. And this could be seen as a desperate attempt to lynch the Vigilante since you'd risk being killed anyway. Basically bringing the Vig down with you. That's why I voted you. Meh, I fucked up here by lynching the Deputy. More so I fucked up by claiming Vig to a Mafia (Ultor).

But it wasn't for nought. It actually benefited me as well. I always judged the situation in terms of "what if" Ultor was a Mafia. Hence, when you, kontra, said Ultor was a Mafia, I told him the following on steam: while I do believe him (Ultor) to be a town member, if he by any means is a Mafia, Styx is also likely a Mafia. And I'd basically kill Styx the first thing I do. I suspected Styx based on vibes primarily (did so since R1) but also because Lawliet would clearly be a town member (logs); hence out of the 4 players who voted Cruxell; me, Lawliet, Ultor and Styx; it would be safe for Mafia Ultor to put 1 of his teammates on the kontra bandwagon. In fact he had to do so to prevent dying. And he could always accuse Lawliet for the same thing Styx could be accused of if having to defend Styx from a public lynch.

The reason I trusted Lawliet's alignment to be Town (if Ultor was a Mafia) - and karn for that matter as well - is because of the logs he shared with me. Later that evening, I was deciding who of the non-voters to shoot. Karn, Numble, UnwaveringGrey or Blaze. I isolated Numble's posts (whom was my primary target at first) but decided to change my mind. And based on his thoughts about Blaze, I decided to shoot Blaze, which would also confirm Numble's alignment. And the biggest fuck up I did here was telling Ultor that I'd shoot Blaze. I should have said nothing. Ultor wanted to prevent me from doing this, so he had to kill me. Hence our alliance came to an end with him killing me. And the rest you know. You lynched Ultor and now the Town won. Good job everyone! You won despite the misplays from my side. This is the full story what happened behind the scenes.

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