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#1 (ISO #1)  [S2] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Welcome to the Wayward Inn...


Just outside a lovely little seaside town, the Wayward Inn has been a destination for many a weary traveler after a long day. While generally well received by its guests, the inn's lasting presence has given rise to a number of stories over the years, everything from sightings of ghosts and demons to rumours that serial killers and the mafia use the sprawling woods behind it to hide evidence of their crimes. But these are simply stories. Nothing of the sort would ever happen here.

At least, that's what you tell yourself as you check in and settle into your room. Having been warned to take shelter from an oncoming storm, you bundle in for the night and ignore the growing pit of uncertainty in your stomach.


For the most part, this game will run like a standard mafia game, with mafia/serial killer night kills, daytime lynches, etc. But here is the twist: When the game starts, players will be assigned a room number. In addition, one empty room will be added to the list. Most night actions will be targeted at rooms, rather than players . Only the lynch, the Veteran and the Sniper will target players. Two players (the Hotel Manager and Janitor) have the ability to move people to different rooms. These swaps will not be public and if you are moved, you will be notified by PM. If a player dies, their room will be empty for two rounds, then closed permanently. Any player in the closed rooms will be moved to an available room.


Godfather: Appears as ”Not suspicious” when peeked.
Spy: Can check a room every night and see who is in that room and their alignment.
Sniper: Can shoot 1 target player (targets a player directly, not their room), in addition to the regular nightkill, once during the game.
Newbie (Trainee): Takes the role of the first mafia member to die.


Veteran: Able to shoot and kill one player (targets a player directly, not their room) during the game.
Hotel Manager: Once per night, can choose any two rooms and swap the occupants.
Journalist: Can check a room every night and see who is in that room and their alignment.
Doctor: Can save a room every night, preventing the occupant from dying. Saves will be made public.

Vanilla Villagers : Can participate in the lynch and communicate with the living players.

Third Party:

Janitor (SK) : Chooses one room per night and kills occupants. In addition, chooses a new room each night, switching the current inhabitant to his previous room. Can not be targeted by night actions (peeks and nightkills) but can be targeted by the Sniper and Veteran.


Mafia: Reach parity with the town (becoming equal in numbers: 2 mafia alive, 2 town alive = mafia wins)
Town: Find and kill all of the Mafia members and Janitor.
Third Party: Be the last man standing.

Game Mechanics:

Common Game Type: Open - All rules are posted in the thread and any player may expect answers to any setup questions they ask.
Common Action Timestamp: No Surprises - Voting and actions are held in tight order. Any votes or actions after the deadline will not be counted, even if the Host hasn’t posted Sunset or Dawn yet. Any action not taken will be lost; the Host will not extend a round or give you a random peek or kill.
Common Voting Type: Timed Lynch - At the end of a certain amount of time, the player with the most votes is lynched.
Common Tie Breaker: LHLV - In the event of a tie, the player with the Longest Held Last Vote, or LHLV, is lynched. Basically, the player with the most votes just before the tie is lynched. If a player is tied with No Lynch, no player will be lynched regardless of LHLV.
Common Ghost Etiquette: RP Play Style - Once dead, players may post in the thread and join public IRC so long as they don't make game related posts or comments. They may not PM other players about the game or have private conversations on IRC. If you have data that you'd like to share, please, do so before your death. Dead Mafia/Wolf players are given a partial exception and are allowed to PM other Mafia/Wolves. All players are always free to talk with their Host in private IRC or PM.
Common Game Start: Hospitalization - Before the First Round starts, the Wolves/Mafia will choose one player to attack. That player will not be killed, but will be hospitalized and thus can’t vote in the first round.
Common R0 Peeks: Random Negative - Every player who can peek is given a random peek from all players who would return "No" or "Not X" other than the peeker.
Common Death Reveal: Full Reveal Upon Death- All players, when they die, will have their full role, room, and alignment revealed immediately upon death.
Game length: Speedplay – The rounds will be 48h hours. No night phase included.

[signups open]

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#15 (ISO #2)  Re: Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
HATER wrote:
Looks interesting -- are rooms randomly assigned to players at the beginning of the game?

What happens if an empty room is targeted? Nothing? A public message? Is the player informed?

> For R0, yes. I will post a list of the rooms and their occupants (or a note saying a particular room is empty.
> The player will be informed that their actions missed and it will also appear in the public message.
>Also, thanks for the afk-speech. After SiX's game, I can see how so many afks hurt.

Ultor wrote:
-Can there be more than 1 player in each room?

-How many rooms are there (including the empty room)?

-If a player dies and a new player gets moved to that room, will the room close after 2 rounds even though its occupied by a new player? If so, which room will that player move to?

-At the start of the game, each room is assigned to 1 player or multiple players can share the room?

-As a spy, will you be able to see their roles aswell?
-As a trainee, if the sniper has already used the shot and becomes the first mafia member to die, will the trainee be able to use another shot?

-As for the janitor, from what I understood, he can move to a room of his choice every night and whatever room that is, the current inhabitants will be switched to the previous room of the janitor. What will the result be when the janitor gets peeked by the mafia/town?

Also I've just noticed that it will have 48 hour rounds. Wouldn't it become inactive for having such a long game length?

> One player per room. The two players who can move people between rooms operate on a swap mentality - i.e. if A is moved to B's room, B will be moved to A's room.
> Right now I'm planning numberofplayers+1 for total number of rooms. I will post if that changes.
> If a player is in a closing room, they will be randomly reassigned an empty non-closed room. They will be told which room that is in a PM.
> See the first response - only one player per room ever.
> Spy functions just as the journalist, only he's mafia. (He picks a room, sees what player is in there and what their role is.)
> I'll admit, I don't know the standard precedent for this, so for now I'll say no, the trainee will not get a new Sniper shot.
> The Janitor is immune to the Mafia's night kill, as well as any peeks (Journalist or Spy.) If the room he is occupying is peeked, it will come back as Empty.

> For the round length, what do all of you think? I'm still a little green with online WW, so here was my thought process: SiX's game seemed to go by too fast with 24hr complete rounds (mostly due to the ton of posts people were making.) That made me think having slightly longer complete rounds would give people more time to check back and think about the game. Should I go with 24hour? I'm open to either.

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#25 (ISO #3)  Re: Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Ish wrote:
How many players needed to start this game??

Also the mafia and SK kills are they done on a specific target or a room?

>I'm hoping to get around 16, but regardless, I'm starting the game tonight at midnight EST.
> Mafia and SK target a room. Only Veteran and Sniper target a player.

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#28 (ISO #4)  Re: Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
The first night in a new place is always a little unsettling. Unfamiliar sights, smells, sounds - it takes a little while for you to get comfortable in bed and more time still to fall asleep. Somewhere in the building you hear an old grandfather clock strick twelve, each bong echoing across the old wooden walls of the inn. In the moments pause between two of them, you swear for a moment you hear a door opening and shutting, but with sleep quickly overtaking you, that thought and all the others in your head disappear as you drift off.


The game has started and PMs are out. While standard rounds will be 48 hours, I am giving the Mafia team and the Janitor 24 hours from now to send their R0 picks to me. (So they'll be due tomorrow at midnight EST.) All targets R0 will be hospitalized (meaning they can not vote in R1 lynch) and roles with peeks will randomly peek a vanilla villager.

Feel free to also PM me questions. I'll say up front the next few days are a bit busy, but I will always respond within 24hours of a PM.

As promised, here is the one and only room listing you will get:

Room: Player
01: Emziek
02: Lawliet
04: earliergray
05: Ish
06: PandA
07: Empty Room
08: SiX
10: !!!*-Leo-*!!!
11: Lien~
12: CrisP0
13: Konijn
14: Pr0Gr4mm4
15: Ultor

[signups closed]

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#38 (ISO #5)  Re: [R0] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Important note: Someone brought to my attention that I was very ambiguous about the peeking roles in this game. After talking the roles over with an experienced player, I realized my mistake. Sorry about that - my newbishness is showing.

So, here are the updated and accurate descriptions of the peeker roles:
Spy: Once per round you can choose one room number and get back the name of the player in that room and their individual role.

Journalist: Again, choose one room number per round. You will get back the name of the player and their alignment.
Note: This will not tell the player's individual role. For example, if you peeked the Spy, you will get back "X is a member of the mafia."

Last notes for all peeks - There is a chance your peek will be an empty room. If that is the case, you will get back "This room appears to be empty." Also, the Janitor can not be peeked. If you peek the room he is occupying, it will also return "This room appears to be empty." So take these rooms with a grain of salt.

Sorry again for the misunderstanding, I'm still learning the more complicated systems. End of round should be up shortly.

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#39 (ISO #6)  Re: [R1 Ends 16 July at 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Unsurprisingly, not all was quiet on your first night at the inn. Shortly after the last echos of midnight faded, a small but determined group met in the darkness of the lounge. They spoke in hushed whispers, debating among themselves until one figure made their decision. The other members of the group nodded and they dispersed as quickly as they had come. Some returned quietly to their own rooms, they were not needed for tonight's work. The remaining ones continued along the hallway, past room after room of sleeping occupants until they came to one room in particular. Unlocking the door was simple enough, and silently closing it behind them, they dragged the unsuspecting Konijn out of his bed. Blow after blow rained down upon him in the darkness as he struggled to cry out, not that there was anyone around to hear him. Some time later the mafia members left Room 13 and returned to their own beds, content in their bloody work.

[injure Konijn]

Not too long after, there was another figure at the door. Konijn weakly raised his head just in time to see a dark boot slam into his chest, sending yet another wave of pain through him. Apparently he was a popular man tonight.

The next morning you all awaken refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. As the first group makes their way down to breakfast, someone notices the door to Room 13 ajar. As they go to close it, they hear a weak moaning coming from within - Konijn is lying on the floor, covered in a mess of bruises and blood. He's a mess, but alive. As he is whisked away to be treated and the rest of you sit down to eat, you talk amongst yourselves. Someone must be responsible for his attack, but whom?


Round 1 will end at 23:59 EST on 16 July (i.e. Saturday night.) Those with night actions be sure they are sent in. Everyone be sure to participate and discussion and the lynch. Regardless of your alignment, it is in your best interest.

Also the order of actions is thus:
Lynch-> Room Swaps -> Protections -> Veteran/Sniper Shot -> Janitor Stab -> Mafia Shot -> Peeks -> Janitor returns to a room
(The story this round was out of order (Mafia > Janitor) because the narrative was just too good to pass up. But I will make an effort to stick to the OoA in the story for the future.)

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#62 (ISO #7)  Re: [R0] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
HATER wrote:
The SK and hotel manager can switch the rooms of players. My questions are thus:

May the hotel manager target his own room?

and most importantly, when do room switches happen? if they happen before protections and other night actions, interesting shenanigans could definitely arise (a la busdriver).

>Yes, HM can target his own room.
> Room swaps happen after lynch and before protections.

Ish wrote:
@WaywardVole - Do the players get a notification to which room they were relocated too?

>If a player is moved, he will receive a PM stating which room he now occupies.

Just a heads up, the round may end a little late tonight due to irl stuff for me. Actions/votes/etc are still due by 23:59 EST, but don't be surprised if I don't post for an hour or so after that. It'll build suspense or something. :D

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#82 (ISO #8)  Re: [R1 ends 16 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Hey guys, I don't have a stable internet connection from which to post so i can't post round end. I'm really sorry, I didn't expect this situation to come up. Please accept my apologies for this oversight. I'm extending the round by 24 hours.

[posted courtesy of HATER at request of the host]

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#95 (ISO #9)  Re: [R1 ends 17 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Thanks for your patience everyone. I'm back online and will be for the remainder of the week, so things should be a lot smoother from here on out. That said, R1 ends tonight at 23:59 EST. Be sure to get your final votes/actions in by then.

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#98 (ISO #10)  Re: [R1 ends 17 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

Breakfast ends uneventfully as you disband to roam the inn. Some stick to their rooms, passing the time reading and napping, while others mingle in small groups around the building. As the day wears on, conversations always seem to loop back to poor Konijn. He seemed like such a nice soul. What kind of monster would do such a thing to him? But with little to go on, many just shrug and distract themselves. The rest of the day meanders by, but as you all gather for dinner, there's a noticeable absence. CrisP0 is nowhere to be found. Many of you find this strange, and as you discuss, you realize no one has really seen him all day. As the sun begins to set behind the large, ornate windows, someone quietly suggests that maybe he had something to do with Konijn's attack. After all, why not avoid accidentally slipping up by not appearing at all? Heads nod around the table, and as the meal ends, you band together in search of him. Just as the sun dips below the horizon, you find him in the gardens. Momentarily perplexed, he quickly figures out what is going on and begins to plead. "No, no. Why would you think I'd have anything to do with that? I was exhausted last night - I was asleep the moment I crawled into bed!"

But no one would have any of it. A few quickly grab him, shuffling him over to the tree he was so deeply engrossed in. Someone produces a rope and it is quickly thrown over a branch and tied around his neck. "Please! I'm innocent. You don't need to do this!" He begs, trying to find the eyes of just one objector, but is met with stony glances. As if resigned to his fate, he allows himself to be pushed off of the bench. The rope doesn't break his neck. You all watch as he struggles against the noose, trying desperately for one last breath, until at last he stops writhing.

You rush back to the rooms and immediately pour through his luggage, searching for any sign of his true alliance. But not matter how hard you look, you find absolutely nothing. It seems you've killed an innocent man.

[Kill CrisP0, lynched]
CrisP0 was a Vanilla Villager

With guilt in your minds, you all slowly make your way to your own rooms. Tonight is so quiet, even the clock seems to whisper. Even so, no one noticed the silenced gunshot aimed at Emziek's room. Of course, a bullet going through a pillow doesn't make all that much noise. For it seems someone subtly rearranged his room before night fell, spoiling what should have been a perfect shot.

[log Emziek, survived shot]

But the night was still young. As the would-be killer slinks back to his room, another, far sinister presence appears. He walks the length of the corridor reading whispering the number on each door to himself until he reaches Room 8. Silently pushing open the door, he makes his way inside and slides the knife out from his jacket sleeve.

Unfortunately that afternoon earliergray had received a message that he was given the wrong room and had been relocated to Room 8. His bags still sit near the door where he had barely put them before collapsing into bed. Well, almost all of his bags. There is one open towards the foot of his bed. Closer inspection revealed it to be a rather intricate medical kit. It seems he is a doctor of the highest caliber. Well, he was.

[Kill earliergray, stab]
earliergray was a Doctor

As the faintest hint of drawn streaks through the sky, one final person moves through the halls. Carrying a small gun, they quickly dart to Room 2 and slip inside. Once again, the gunshot is barely discernible, but this time, it hits its target.

[Kill Lawliet, shot]
Lawliet was a Vanilla Villager

The carnage is almost too much for you to bear come morning. Especially since this time, they're taken to the morgue rather than the infirmary. Someone did this. Someone here has to pay. Because if it's not them, maybe you'll be next.


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#162 (ISO #11)  Re: [R2 ends 19 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort
Ish wrote:
@WaywardVole shouldn't Lawliet's death command be shot? I was confused when I saw two stabs, thought SK was able to pull off 2 kills... Also the SK can switch with an empty room, does that occur after the lynch or at the end of the round?
Lynch-> Room Swaps -> Protections -> Veteran/Sniper Shot -> Janitor Stab -> Mafia Shot -> Peeks -> Janitor returns to a room

1. Yes, it should have been shot, as he was killed by the mafia. I've since edited it. (To save time I copied the command from gray and forgot to change that part.
2. In essence, the Janitor moves after the lynch and HM swaps (done this way because I may need to relocate someone if he moves to an occupied room). He can move to any room, not just empty ones. If he moves to an occupied room, he'll just swap rooms with the occupant. (e.g. If you're in Room 5, Janitor Room 9, and he chooses your room, you'll be moved to Room 9.)
3. It's a side note really, but the HM didn't save Emziek. Earliergray the doctor did just before he died.

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#182 (ISO #12)  Re: [R3 ends 21 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

After the bloody events of last night, everyone spends the day looking over their shoulder. Again some talk in groups, while others confine themselves to their rooms. The day passes quietly, save for small, explosive discussion just after lunch. While neither side truly trusts the other, they do, at least, reach an agreement. They shake hands firmly, and go on the hunt.

Both sides had been approached by someone claiming to have seen something last night - one of the people who killed Lawliet. They couldn't guarentee he was telling the truth, but a lead, even a small one, is better than nothing. Running through the halls, they come to a stop outside of Room 5. Ish sitting on his bed and greets them as they enter. Having heard the rumours, he knew no amount of rational discussion would get them to change their mind.

Everyone stalls for a moment, trying to think of a suitable punishment for his heinous actions. Someone suggests shooting him, another stabbing, but then someone suggests getting back for Konijn's attack as well - an eye for an eye. The first blow knocks him to the ground and more soon follow. A few add kicks here and there, the first one sounding a crack as one of his ribs break. As they rain down upon him, Ish cries for mercy, but there's none to be found in a mob looking for revenge.

[Kill Ish, lynched]
Ish was the Mafia Newbie

That night, you are all pretty satisfied with yourselves. Sure there's bloodstains in your clothing that will most likely never come out and despite his guilt you have murdered a man, but hey - there's an open bar here and you need a strong one.

But as the hour grows late, everyone stumbles into bed, dreading tomorrow's hangover. Well, almost everyone.

The Janitor has gotten used to the routine by now. He, like everyone else, goes to his room and gets into bed. But unlike them, his dreams are not saved for sleeping. He prefers a more vivid reality. Making his way down the hall, he taps the blade of the knife against the wallpaper. It's not long to his room of choice and he slips in quietly. It seems the bloodlust from today's lynch was not enough to sate him. He'll have to make this one last.

[Kill SiX, stabbed]
SiX was the Hotel Manager

But not all is lost tonight. For it seems the accurate choice of lynch was enough to keep the mafia at bay. The rest of the night passes without incident, save for a small pipe leak that renders Room 7 closed.


//Edit: Room 7 is the closed one. An empty room will exist for two rounds then it will be closed. (Remember if a player is an a room when it closes, he will be moved to another available room.)

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#231 (ISO #13)  Re: [R3 ends 21 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

Though still somewhat hungover from your livations the night before for finally catching one of the murders, you all wake in good spirits. Many of you decide to spend the day outside, enjoying the fresh air and the serenity that comes with being surrounded by nature. But there are a few that remain indoors. Recognizing that some would call them paranoid, they sit in the den discussing the threat still lurking under the surface. Many names were tossed around, with no true majority ever appearing. But as the afternoon shadows grew, they finally have to settle on a simple tally - most votes win. They make their marks, agree to the selection, and leave to finish the deed.

They find their target in Room 3 reading a book on his bed. Since the beatings a few nights ago, Konijn had been trying to take things easy, giving himself plenty of bedrest and sleep. He rises to greet his guests and pauses when he sees the hardened expressions on their faces.

"No, you can't possibly think it's me," he pleads, backing up until his legs are against the bed. "Why would I do this to myself?" There is no response as one of you pushes him down onto the bed, with more holding his arms and legs taut. Another grabs a pillow, holding it in his hands for a moment before placing it over Konijn's face and pressing down. Though he struggles, it isn't long until his fight grows weak, and not much longer until his heart stops.

As always, you search through his room for the scrap of proof that will justify your claims - that will justify your actions. Unfortunately yet again, there is nothing to be found. But not all is a loss today - at least Konijn will sleep like the dead.

[Kill Konijn, lynched]
Konijn was a Vanilla Villager

That night, the inn is more alive than ever. Shortly after everyone goes to bed, a lone figure emerges from the darkness. Holding his trusty revolver in his grip, he makes his way silently into Room 10, pulling the door shut behind him. Lien~ barely has a chance to open her eyes before the shot goes through her forehead. Turning to head back to his room, the man drops his gun on the floor. Pretty useless now - it only had one shot.

[Kill Lien~, shot]
Lien~ was the Godfather

But he is ont the only one out so late. Twice more during the night people sneak through the darkness, only to both be turned away. The Janitor, having spent much of the day planning his next kill, entered the room only to discover he had forgotten this was the room Konijn just died in. Giving his body a stab for good measure, he retreats to his room.

Similarly, when the mafia team gathers to eliminate their target, they fling open the door to find an empty room. Having previously housed one of the now-deceased guests, a large bloodstain on the carpet had rendered the room unusable. With dawn fast approaching, they quickly disperse.


Due to bloodstains, further water damage, and an incesscent smell of mold, Rooms 2, 8, and 12 are now closed.

//An empty room will exist for two rounds then it will be closed. (Remember if a player is an a room when it closes, he will be moved to another available room.) Once a room is closed, it is unusable for the remainder of the game.

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#263 (ISO #14)  Re: [R4 ends 23 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

With fewer than half of you remaining, paranoia is at an all-time high. Some choose to stay to themselves, taking their meals in silence and spending the days avoiding everyone else. Others are more confrontational - with loud debates ringing through the halls as to who is guilty.

One name repeats throughout the day, each time convincing more people of its certainty. At the end of the day there are a few dissenters, but most believe !!!*-Leo-*!!! is to blame for the vicious attacks. Gathering their resolve, the move quickly to Room 10 and throw open the door, only to find Leo packing his belongings in a small bag.

"Going somewhere?" someone asks as you advance towards him. He spins around, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

"No," he stammers. "Why do you ask?" He takes a few steps back, arms disappearing behind his back.

"We know it's you. There's nowhere you can run." Someone produces a metal pipe from the hall closet and steps forward. "You need to pay for what you've done."

Another step. Without warning Leo launches forward, revealing a long knife clenched in his fist. He slashes forward, nearly catching one of you as you all pull back. Stepping forward, he eyes the group wildly, brandishing the outstretched knife.

"Fine. I'll admit it. They've not all been mine, but there's been more than enough. You should have seen their faces the moment before I killed them. The confusion, the realization - the fear. Beautiful. It -"

Leo's rant is cut short as the pipe swings and connects, first with his exposed arm, then again across the skull. The attacker drops the pipe, stepping away from the body with a grimace. You're not sure what was louder, the crack of the bone shattering upon contact or the silence that followed as you all retreated to your rooms.

[Kill Leo, lynched]
!!!*-Leo-*!!! was the Janitor

Having made it this far, the two remaining mafia members once again rise in the night. They take their time making their selection before finally slipping inside Room 1, closing the door behind them. Emziek awakens as soon as they enter but keeps still. His hand reaches out, feeling for the gun he had found outside Lien's room the night previously. His fingers wrap around the trigger and as the mafia get closer he jumps up, points, and pulls.

Click. His heart lurches in his stomach as he stares at the gun in his hands. Again. Click.

"Everyone knows a gun needs bullets," one of the mafia members taunt, aiming their own weapon at him. Emziek barely has a chance to look up before he is shot dead.

[Kill Emziek, shot]
Emziek was the Journalist


As more bodies pile up, you begin to store them in unused rooms. Due to the stench alone, Rooms 4 and 5 are now closed.

//An empty room will exist for two rounds then it will be closed. (Remember if a player is an a room when it closes, he will be moved to another available room.) Once a room is closed, it is unusable for the remainder of the game.

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#284 (ISO #15)  Re: [R5 ends 25 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

No one gets much sleep that night. In the morning you all resign yourselves to see who has died in the night. When Emziek is found, you're sad, yes. But also relieved that it wasn't you. You've stayed alive yet another night.

The five of you gather at breakfast, still suspicious, but with the numbers dwindling, no one wants to be out on their own. Throughout the day conversations ebb and flow, fingers point accusations, and eventually there is a deadlock. Two point at POOOOO, two at Pr0Gr4mm4, with only Ultor to cast the deciding vote. He takes his time, thinking well into the afternoon. But by dinner, he's made up his mind.

Standing on one side of the table, Pr0Gr4mm4 allows himself a small smirk as Ultor moves over towards him. He looks across the table, his next plans already forming in his head. He's so focused that he doesn't notice the glint of metal in Ultor's hand until he feels it stab through his chest.

Feeling his knees collapse under him, Pr0Gr4mm4 grabs the table as he falls. No, no. It can't happen like this. We were perfect. We were perfect. The knife finds a better target in one of his eyes. The pain explodes for a brief moment. We're so close.

He's dead before he can hit the floor.

[Kill Pr0Gr4mm4, lynched]
Pr0Gr4mm4 was the Mafia Spy

The night passes slowly. The clock chimes the hour, and most are awake to hear it as they spend the night sleepless in their rooms. The tension in the air is palpable, leaving you all on edge.

Perhaps in response to the killing of his partner, the lone mafia member is distracted tonight. Entering his chosen room, he stumbles out after finding only a rotten corpse. Perturbed at the ominous warning, he quickly retreats.


Having been left empty for so long, Rooms 3 and 6 are now closed.

//An empty room will exist for two rounds then it will be closed. (Remember if a player is an a room when it closes, he will be moved to another available room.) Once a room is closed, it is unusable for the remainder of the game.

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#291 (ISO #16)  Re: [R6 ends 27 July, 23:59 EST] Mafia XXXI: L'Hôtel de la Mort

Three of you awaken as the first rays of sunlight and meet in silence at one end of the hallway. You hand out weapons - the knife taken from Leo's room, Hater's pistol that was found in Emziek's room, and a small handsaw that once belonged to renowned doctor Earliergray. Gripping them tightly, the three make their way down to Room 11 and kick open the door.

PandAboYii is sleeping when you enter. In the soft light of the morning, he looks almost innocent. But you know better. POOOO moves first, waking the sleeping man by grabbing his hair and pulling him up. He awakens with a yell, squirming for a moment before finally noticing the gathering in front of him. Ultor and POOOO lift him up and drop him to his knees in the middle of the room.

"Any last words?" Hater asks, holding the empty pistol by the barrel. PandAboYii stares silently at him, not bothering with false words of protest. There's no point now. Hater strikes first, hitting the wooden handle of his gun hard against PandAboYii's skull, with Ultor and POOOO joining in soon after.

A minute later he falls to the floor. It takes another five for him to stop breathing.

[Kill PandAboYii, lynched]
PandAboYii was the Mafia Sniper

Satisfied with your work, you drop your weapons and stagger back into the hall. One of you begins walking down the hallway and another calls after.

"Hey, where are you going?" the voice asks.

"I don't know about you two, but I need a drink."


Game ended! The innocent have won.


HATER - Veteran
POOOO - Vanilla Villager
Ultor - Vanilla Villager

[End, HATER, SiX, Emziek, earliergray, CrisP0, Lawliet, POOOOO, Konijn]

Thank you all for joining me in my first hosted game. Props to Hater and Emziek for teaming up and more or less carrying the village, earliergray for the excellent save on Emziek R1, and Leo for being the kindest serial killer a host could ask for.

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