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#7 (ISO #1)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation

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I prefer 24

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Haven't spoken to anyone yet but by reading replies it seems there are alot of assumptions being made. Its still R1 and once I start talking to people, hopefully I can come up with something.

I'll put my vote of the first person who claimed to be a villager, in this case, Leo. This is likely to be changed later on.

Im innocent like allways :D
My thoughts are that the Mafia Guys are smart and they injured one innocent and a mafia guy to make it not so obvisiouly and if im not wrong they could easy kill one of us innocents if both voted on one guy or am i wrong?

Also i think one mafia guy can be afk since he didn´t tried to kill one per night..hmhh...villagers i believe in us, let us kill those bad Boys ^^

[vote !!!*-Leo-*!!!]

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#130 (ISO #4)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
Need to read up on replies [vote nolynch] for now

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#156 (ISO #5)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
No but my thoughts are that Ultor is to quiet the last game he was a villager (watcher) and he played very aggresiv or was more helpfull as a villager..for me he is a bit to much in the background now to get not seen as a mafia guy and as i said..that is not Ultor if i joke to him with words like "how you feel as Mafia this time" he wouldn´t only say "i wish and xD" he would try/do all in my opinion to convince me/all that he is not a Mafiosi...specially after i showed it in a post here (my thoughts on him) he would act more in game i think.

[vote Ultor]

First of all when you had a chat with me on steam I was actually busy which is why I responded with short answers. This previous game you speak of was my first game and I was spreading information all over the place which nearly got me killed as a watcher.

This is why I decided to take a more relaxed, thoughtful approach. I've also been really busy nowadays. Anyway, the fact that I responded to your "how you feel as Mafia this time" question with a "I wish" response was because I really wanted to try out being a mafia at this game, and not a normal villager (which is what I am).

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#167 (ISO #6)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
!!!*-Leo-*!!! wrote:
What the hell is goin on???

I think we little villager group have not really more a chance to win this game.
4 Mafia Guys vs 6 Villagers.

It looks like that some villagers felt in the trap of the mafia guys and jumped on the Bandwagon to lynch sad to see that.
Since you guys saw i got stabbed and survived (thank you Doc, good choice) im a trustworthy villager. All (real) villager pls think about all clearly and do all that we dont lose this game so fast. Feel free to pm me and work with me together.
Now we need to rethink who was the most hater of Kontra to get him lynched, why did it happen that Ish took the overdose and more.

Well to be honest to give up is not a choice of mine, but we are fucked thats my opinion...why you so evil Mafia guys :D

We need to get our shit together, what's the cop doing? Even though we have 5 villagers remaining, we still have a small chance to win. Hopefully by now the cop has peeked on mafia/villagers and needs to lead us (privately not publicly..).

Your reasoning is flawed Leo. There are only 5 villagers remaining with 1 SK and 4 Mafia. The fact that Kontra got lynched was due to the result of him being very protective which isn't a villager-like behaviour.

The fact that you got stabbed and survived proves either 2 things: a) you are a villager with toughness ability or b) you are the Medic. What you said after makes it only suspicious, requesting a role reveal and "work with me" scenario.

!!!*-Leo-*!!! wrote:
Short thoughts of mine are:

Lawliet = Medic...thats why Ish died by an overduse.
Apekiller in my opinion Mafia guy his post doesn´t look for me that he tried this time to let the village town stay allive and he gave the last vote on Kontra...that Ultor don´t need to vote (hide his role, after Mafia guys spoke with him).
And atleast what Kontra tried to show that Sweedy should be definitely a Mafia guy. So my vote thoughts are Sweedy or Ultor, after i claimed Ultor is Mafia guy and maybe wasn´t wrong with that (got stabbed for that) i go for Ultor.
PS: Apekiller was hospitalized after the 1st round and now they didn´t tried to kill him again..hmmh suspect good way to hide his mafia position too...maybe he have an important mafia position.
Also the Mafia guys killed all active players, bcs of the fact that the others not really a target for them. That let me think too that the most active poster of this game Mafia guys and the others too quiet villagers that jumped on the BW.

[vote Ultor]

You are making a lot of assumption based on nothing here Leo... It is true that Lawliet did claim to be a doc and now claiming to be a normal villager and the purpose of that fake role reveal was to "connect the 2 doctors". To me those strategies always fail and Lawliet, as an experienced player, should have known that it wouldn't work; if anything it would only make you a mafia (possibly a medic?) trying to find those 2 docs ASAP and killing them. Additionally, the fact that Ish got overdosed really put you on the suspicion Lawliet...

It appears to me that ApeKiller seems pretty innocent due to the fact that he was injured at the beginning and if the mafia wanted to use "injure one of their own" tactic, it would be very risky with this role set. The fact that he switched his vote to Kontra at the end is reasonable, he did not want to be modkilled due to activity but that doesn't remove him from the suspicious list.

As for Sweedy, the fact that Kontra was a villager puts you on the suspicious list. I would like to know what you think about kontra and how the results of R2 turned out.

Leo, you claim that I stabbed you just because you accused me of being a mafia, but now you accusing me of being the SK and stabbing you? I think you are mixing up between the mafia/SK. Anyway it seems that Leo is letting his emotions take over, simply accusing me because I voted against him at R1. Either that or the fact that hes one of the mafia who got stabbed by the SK and saved by the medic/doc and trying to put the blame on me.

As for vote, id either go for Sweedy or Lawliet which will be decided later once we get more replies.

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#172 (ISO #7)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
!!!*-Leo-*!!! wrote:
Well Lawliet all what SiX typed might be right since Kontra got killed as a villager...and i get a bit the feeling that Ish tried to protect his own and the medic = you...gave him his my conclusion is that you must be the medic or should i say thanks that you protected me to stay allive (as the 2nd doc)...damn i dont know...sry but i have no other choice so i go for

[vote Lawliet]

Too many villagers are to quiet or the Cop doesnt talk with villagers he maybe peeked and saw that they are let us villager group hold together and vote on the right guys (Mafia)

As i said i got stabbed and the Doc protected me so im one of the trustworthy villagers..pls work with me together and let some mafia guys die.
Well ultor if you are a Villager too and i think your thoughts are good just go with me and vote for Lawliet. And the doc shouldn´t protect me again since they saw you=doc protected me and they can try to overdose on me too.

I would like to point out that SiX could have been manipulated by Lawliet (if he was the Mafia) since SiX voted against Ish (the doctor). So it goes like this: SiX manipulated by Lawliet ---> Lawliet gathers information about the doctors ---> Lawliet informs Ish or the other doctor to protoct Ish ---> Lawliet protects Ish ---> Ish dies because of overdose ----> SiX is then killed by the mafia.

I really hope I'm right on this otherwise it will be game over for us. I'm also waiting for Sweedy to reply. For now my vote:

[vote Lawliet]

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#192 (ISO #8)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
Wow... the village is in complete chaos, I blame the doctors since R1. Anyway it appears that this won't be over until the SK is dead. Remember he gets 2 votes, toughness ability and a stab.

Here is my analysis for the remaining players:

While it seems that he took a gamble by risking his role in order to connect the 2 doctors, it looked like a mafia behaviour and even SiX warned you about it. However after the results of the previous round, the reason is very logical now- demonstrating your innocent behaviour. This is assuming that you are a villager. Additionally, your tough ability (I thought I was the one who had it) is now consumed and I believe it would have been better if it was used against the mafia's shots rather than a lynch.

Also, there is still a chance of you being the SK, having consumed your toughness. However this is very unlikely because you were actively trying to help out the village by pointing our very good facts.

Conclusion: Villager.

You were hospitalised at R0. At this round, its clear why you were chosen. Its because you are one of the mafia and the mafia chose to use "injure one of our own" tactic. Furthermore, your posts consist of general facts about the gameplay and you protecting yourself against accusations (which is normal) with things like "I don't want to end up getting modkilled." However, this isn't enough to prove you as a mafia.

Conclusion: Villager/Mafia

You have not contributed to the village at all. All you do is post a vote lynch without a reason. Obviously this is a very mafia-like behaviour, playing silently without exposing anything until the last moment. Remember that you nearly got lynched in the previous game, so I suggest changing your gameplay and try to help out your village in any way possible (if u are a villager ofcourse).

Conclusion: Mafia

For some reason, I don't really know much about you. However, I do have something to share about you. Just before Leo died, he told me that you actually contacted him twice using a PM and claiming to be the cop and requesting him to change his vote. Perhaps you manipulated him into overdosing the actual cop at the previous round and then shot him dead? Its too bad that Leo refused to show me the PM but this is the only thing I got which seems suspicious to me.

Conclusion: Villager/Mafia

You start out being friendly to those new players, pointing out different mechanics of the game. While this is normal, it can also be used to gain the trust of those around you. Reading your posts, it seems that you've been actively helping out, giving your opinions about certain accusations towards you and other people. This play-style is very hard to read and I'm seriously lost in this case. However, I do like to point out that NumBle appeared to be very protective around Sweedy. But again I was also doing the same thing.

Conclusion: Villager/Mafia

Nothing much to say here, you played very carefully- not exposing anything about you at all. Also, you did not contact anyone at all, alive or dead which I think was your biggest mistake. Also saying things like "*continues to lurk while gently rubbing his hands together with a smug smile on his face*" is extremely suspicious- and that was at R1. Typical SK behaviour.

Conclusion: Serial Killer

Summary: its true that there is a low chance for us villagers to survive, but as long as its possible, we can do it. The fact that the SK has toughness ability makes it harder for us, so even if we manage to lynch one of the mafia this round, we would still need 2 more rounds in order to kill the SK. Additionally, the SK gets 2 votes and we don't even know for certain who the mafia are.

[vote Mystic]

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#208 (ISO #9)  Re: Mafia XXIX: Defibrilation
And the SK is.....

[vote WaywardVole]

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