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#29 (ISO #1)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Is it okay to join if u dont know how the game works? If so, I'm [IN]

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#44 (ISO #2)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Okay to start off, I am a villager and so is Lo Tus. We teamed up and are looking for more villagers to join us. Please if you are a villager, or someone from the town, send me a PM or reply here. Why am I revealing this? Its because it would be much easier to gather as many villagers as we could and strike the mafia ASAP.

If you think that me or Lo Tus are members of the mafia, think about this. Why would we reveal our roles at round 0? Isnt it too risky? Why not wait for at-least round 1?

I also had a chat with Leo and he looked very innocent to me as he kept accusing me of being a mafia member as he was too scared to reveal his identity based on our conversion. I will persuade Leo to join our group of villagers tomorrow. I am very positive that he is the villager or the Tracker.

Zaptor seemed like he was nervous but that was completely normal as it is the start of the game. However, he asked me not to reveal my role and I asked him why, this is what he said "You can reveal your role for everyone, but not for specific persons".

This is all based on the conversions I had on steam with those guys, and its 100% valid. I encourage other villagers to team up with us.

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#64 (ISO #3)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Do not vote HATER. He is a normal villager and I have a very good reason which I will reveal at R2 to prove his innocence. The fact that SiX asked to claim roles puts him right on the spot- in addition to the fact that he wanted to quickly eliminate HATER based on nothing at all. If we eliminate SiX and he appears to be a mafia member, it will become crystal clear who to target next. I also believe that BlameItOnLeon, Lo Tus and Zaptor will lynch SiX when they become active again.

[vote SiX]

SiX - 3 - HATER - !!!*-Leo-*!!! - Ultor
HATER - 1 - SiX

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#83 (ISO #4)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
I encourage the doctor to protect me as I have revealed certain information which will get me killed.

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#98 (ISO #5)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Well it would be a good time to hear some of your proofs that he is innocent, before we "maybe" go for a lynch-vote on the next "maybe" villager !!!
Maybe you succeded with your post too that we all need to think you are innocent between us villagers, tell me something of your thoughts im interested in them.

I've revealed this info to few trusted people, its not wise to release them publicly as they would put important roles in danger. I was really hoping that SiX would turn out to be a mafia but now I'm not very sure about whether HATER is a villager or not.

We seriously need the tracker and the watcher to find each other, and the deputy to group up with them. The doctor did a good job on protecting the right person (if there was a nightkill), we can just hope that he plays his next move carefully. As for AFKs, I would be really disappointed if Apekiller had an important village role and he gets modkilled.

Now as for individual people:

The fact that he was injured at the beginning does not make him a villager. As someone mentioned previously, mafia are able hospitalise one of their own so he can be classified as a villager. If I got killed at R2, I suggest to lynch Konijn (most likely to be the Godfather) as he was the only person which I revealed some important information to.

He only has 2 posts and they both contain 2 votes without proper explanation: 1 on SiX and 1 on HATER. This is a typical Goon behaviour, placing votes on possibly innocent villagers. This also applies to StickySteez.

At the beginning, I see HATER as the person who automatically protects himself against being lynched with clear facts- anyone would normally do this especially when you get voted for at R0. However, I don't see the need of him changing his vote from SiX to Apekiller as it only puts him into more suspicion. I understand the fact that he wanted to direct the lynch into Crisp0 for the reasons above.

I believe that NumBle have been trying to get rid off HATER since the beginning. Perhaps he plays a very important role and we need to follow him, but by going against HATER, I think he's making a mistake. I actually believe that the reason behind NumBle's persistence against HATER is something related to his role. Perhaps he peeked on HATER as a Don/Deputy and found out his real identity. However, that doesn't help us decide on which side they belong to- this is where we need the watcher and the tracker.

You have been trying to frame everyone for some reason. I understand that you don't trust anyone and that's good but you cannot simply go around asking everyone to reveal their roles. It only looks like a desperate tactic coming from the Mafia. The thing is every-time I try to talk to you, you end up accusing me of being a Mafia- it feels like you are insecure. Remember that this is the same tactic you followed in the previous game and got you caught as a WW.

As for the lynch, mine will remain blank for now until more people reply (especially those AFKs). However if I wanted to vote mine would go against either HATER, Konijn or Crisp0.

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#103 (ISO #6)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Your choices to lynch are quite extremes.. one that we assumed is mafia, one that we assume is villager and then an Afk. Tbh you're being dismissive of the real game imo.

Thats the thing, there is not enough info (atleast for me) to lynch one of them. They all seem to be equally guilty.

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#106 (ISO #7)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
[Vote Crisp0]

HATER - 4 - Numble, CrisP0, Konijn, Sticky
Crisp0 - 3 - HATER, Ish, Ultor

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#111 (ISO #8)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
HATER - 5 - Numble, CrisP0, Konijn, Sticky, Lawliet
Crisp0 - 3 - HATER, Ish, Ultor

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#115 (ISO #9)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
If there was a tie, will the person get lynched based on the Deputy's vote?

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#127 (ISO #10)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
CrisP0 wrote:
dunno why these people voted me without any reasons.
at the first, hater voted for six then last minutes he changed his vote to apekiller without any reasons and what i've seen hat ultor trying hard to protect hater every round.

If you read my previous post, you would know why.

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#142 (ISO #11)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Ish wrote:
Next Round :- Ultor, Leon, Zapt0r, Lo Tus

Jumping to conclusions isn't helpful. It would be more wise to wait for the results.

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#166 (ISO #12)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
I am the watcher and everything I told you was true. You, claiming to be the deputy, did not cooperate with me which made me team up with HATER. If you have revealed your role and I used my watch on you NumBle, I would have trusted you and this game would have been over by now.

Your ignorance is going to kill an important role- the watcher. Please reveal who claimed the watcher role to you NumBle. Its most likely that the person who claimed my role is the mafia after I die. Just in case I die, I'm pretty sure the Don is either Ish (70%) or Lawliet (%30). If you know the role of either of them, you already found the mafia.

If you are smart enough, everyone should reveal their roles publicly.

Also to point out few more things, have a look here isolation.php?tid=26091&pid=6420
Do you not see a pattern of accusations made by Ish towards ko9? He obviously was trying to kill him since the beginning. Pretty clear now who the mafia is. He was the only person who voted against ko9.

Also you better reveal who claimed the watcher role before the end of the round NumBle, as the Don will kill you at this round. Atleast the other would have a chance of finding his role.

My vote goes on Ish

[vote Ish]

And here is every chat log I recorded on notepad:

With NumBle:
Spoiler: show
Ultor: the way your talking to me seems very suspicious though
Ultor: i know u are well-experinced
Ultor: but I just dont see the harm of the post
Numble: Here's the picture.
Numble: In every game I've played.
Numble: I did little actions. Nothing public.
Numble: The fact that you brought my name out to public will put a spotlight on me.
Numble: And usually
Numble: when I'm brought to spotlight
Numble: that usually means that I'm gonna get lynched within the next 2 rounds.
Numble: you're free to believe me
Numble: disregard my words
Numble: do as your will wishes.
Ultor: Okay I understand that you wonna be the silent kind of player
Numble: But I beg you to remove my name out of the spotlight.
Ultor: but be honest, are u on the good or the bad side?
Numble: I'm on the good side
Numble: that's why I had this plan figured out with Six.
Ultor: Okay, I trust u and will remove your name
Numble: Also
Numble: keep the info about Six to yourself
Numble: if anything
Numble: you could help me out.
Numble: well
Numble: help us out.
Ultor: alright, thing is my main post has been quoted by zaptor now
Ultor: so i cant really remove your name
Numble: tell zaptor that the part about me was a mistake
Numble: that I was giving some guide lines ot Lotus.
Ultor: okay
Numble: the faster you can delete that info about me the merrier.
Numble: I know that you don't have any actually reason or proof to trust me
Numble: But, if my plan works correctly we'll last a round longer with all the villager power roles known by that 100% confirmed villager
Numble: after that we just need to let the deputy get another 100% trust worthy villager or a mafia
Numble: and we'll carry the info on a flock.
Ultor: Alright
Numble: The best way to play this game is by immediatly guarantee a 100% confirmed villager
Numble: not by having a flock of people claiming to be so.
Numble: Claims are only worth something when they are power roles or there are counter claims.
Numble: Have you spoken to Zaptor?
Ultor: doing it now
Numble: All right cool beans man.
Numble: Please do let me know when Zaptor deletes his part.
Numble: then I'd like to have a chat will all of you together.
Numble: this means
Numble: you, Zaptor and Lotus
Ultor: sure, but lotus went offline I think
Numble: or at least just you and zaptor
Numble: she's playing CS.
Ultor: what about six?
Numble: Six's off currently
Numble: we'll only be able to talk to him in 6-7 hours.
Ultor: okay
Numble: And Ultor
Numble: you'll have a major role on this plan of ours
Numble: Do you trust us?
Ultor: I'll be honest with you, right now its a no
Numble: it makes complete sense
Ultor: it would be funny if u were one of the mafia members, trying to group up with the villagers
Ultor: but I will completly trust you based on the results of R1
Numble: all right.
Numble: I'm hoping that then you might help us out.
Numble: at this point
Ultor: hopefully yeah
Numble: I'm just waiting for r1 to start so that Kontra's flaw is exposed and then we move in.
Ultor: i didnt have u on steam, if u were the first person to chat with
Ultor: my opinion would have been different
Numble: Well I tend to keep my friends list tight.
Numble: it's been some time since I last played WW
Ultor: haha ic
Numble: so I started deleting some people that I didn't talk on a every day basis
Numble: when I saw that someone was trying to ressurect the ww chapter, I had to colaborate.
Numble: And I'll be honest
Numble: I need you next round because people know that me and six are very good friends and that we share roles frequently.
Numble: If I were to point that flaw out right Hater and k9 would definately play a "they are trying to fool us as they have done before and are known to work together"
Numble: fact is
Numble: if Six is mafia
Numble: Hater will be lynched.
Numble: and we'd have to come up with another plan
Numble: mainly first thing to do would be lynch Six.
Numble: Next up would be trust on the Deputy's random peek to speak out for himself.
Ultor: Hopefully the deputy doesnt fuck up though
Numble: Lets hope not.
Ultor: ive asked zaptor be he seems to be ingame
Numble: ah fucksticks up the ass of my asswhore...
Numble: is there anyway to catch his atention?
Ultor: invite him to group chat
Numble: and 3 mins ago he posted quoting Ish's post
Ultor: with me and lotus aswell
Numble: I don't have him on my friends list.

Numble: But Ultor, that brings up my point
Numble: assuming that we're mafia, as you just saidm why would we want to reveal one of our own right now?
Numble: if anything
Numble: we would have the nightkill for hater.
Numble: and not right of the bat try to lynch him.
Ultor: Well by teaming up with me, you surrounded yourself and six with innocent villager members
Ultor: so you do have some kind of protection
Numble: no I don't.
Numble: if anything
Numble: I've put myself in more danger
Numble: because should Six's plan fail
Numble: you guys can easily lynch me and six
Ultor: what if we lynched HATER and he was one of the town members?
Ultor: what would u do then?
Numble: Ultor six cannot lynch Hater. Only the mafia or the deputy can.
Ultor: I really dont understand why u would want to lynch hater right off the beginning
Numble: This is to proof out in public that Six is a 100% villager.
Ultor: I dont think its necessary, especially at R0
Numble: teh sooner we get a 100% villager
Ultor: if anything we should wait for more time before deciding who to lynch
Ultor: but why rush it? what if he was a villager
Numble: teh faster we can gather power roles and the faster we can act against the mafia
Numble: Ultor
Numble: why do you keep ignoring what I'm saying?
Numble: Hater won't be lynched by Six.
Numble: I guarantee it.
Ultor: how are u so sure?
Numble: no matter Hater's alignment
Numble: cuz I completely trust Six. His plan makes perfect sense and it would be very very dumb to come up with a plan like that JUST to lynch Hater and get himself killed.
Ultor: you do make a point, but I have to be carefuly not to trust anyone right now
Numble: Seriously think about it.
Ultor: I will, but for now I will be neutral

Spoiler: show
Numble: so ultor now you believe me?
Ultor: sorry was afk
Ultor: yea i believe u now, hater is suspicious
Ultor: ur a villager btw, right?
Numble: ofc i am
Numble: why wouldn't I be if I was the only person who was actually supporting Six.
Ultor: so what do u propose to do now
Numble: well I guess we're lynching hater obviously.
Ultor: mhm i will speak to other and see what to do
Ultor: i was wondering, why are u so persistent with HATER
Numble: But now I'm wondering why you made that question... I mean you have a deputy claim, I'm guessing he told you who he peeked no?
Ultor: i never had a deputy claim, as I said before i was simply a normal villager
Ultor: its weird how u skipped my question
Numble: don't bullshit me. I still have the logs of you saying that you had a deputy claim.
Ultor: i never said that
Numble: 02:14 - Numble: you've found the deputy already?
02:14 - Ultor: yes XD
Ultor: i was probably playing games on u back then
Ultor: to see truely what side u on
Numble: yeah right
Ultor: so tell me, why are u so into HATEr
Numble: I've answered already
Numble: 20:38 - Numble: Because what Hater said about six have 0 exp on how Hater plays mafia is bullshit.
20:39 - Numble: Six has hosted plenty of games where Hater has been mafia and knowing Six as I know he watches attentively everyone's playmode.
Numble: calll it shit reasoning or whatever I know my WW partner better than most people.
Ultor: alright
Numble: thats a pretty answer..
Numble: so what are you? Mafia or mafia?
Ultor: as i said before, a villager
Ultor: i dont get why u dont trust me now
Ultor: am I the closest one to reveal ur real identity right now
Numble: well what's my identity?
Numble: and well I have mixed feelings about tbh.
Ultor: im guessing either a doctor, or tracker
Numble: you got hte aligment right, but the wrong roles
Ultor: so u do have a role then?
Numble: yeah, normal villager.
Ultor: okay

Numble: I don't even know why you're trusted by the watcher
Ultor: lets just say we are good friends
Ultor: but i completetly trust him and u did use a power on hater
Numble: Zaptor it is.
Ultor: please dont contact anyone, u might get in trouble
Ultor: zaptor been inactive for ages
Numble: he wasn't inactive when you, Lotus and himself were talking to me
Ultor: thats right
Ultor: what would u do if u find the watcher?
Numble: Probably ask him if knows the deputy and get myself peeked.
Ultor: i dont think the watcher is able to find the deputy though
Ultor: he can only watch whos being targeted right?
Numble: if the watcher is smart
Numble: he has found the Tracker already.
Ultor: about time
Numble: if he isn't smart
Numble: he hasn't.
Numble: thats' how it goes.
Ultor: did hater use anything on someone then?
Numble: odds are yes.
Numble: but I don't know
Ultor: okay, who do u suggest for the watcher to watch at R2
Ultor: and for the tracker to track
Numble: tracker and watcher aren't roles I'm used to deal with.
Numble: tell them to track/watch each other
Ultor: alright then will see how that goes at R2!
Ultor: dont fail xD
Numble: don't fail what?
Ultor: nevermind
Numble: lol?

If I die, the mafia would use their nightkill against NumBle or the doctor (Lawliet), so that's 2 important roles gone. You are left with either the tracker (Leo) and the doctor or the tracker with the deputy. It will be much harder for you to find the Don with so many normal villagers left.

Furthermore, Leo claims to be the tracker right? He said he used his track power on NumBle at R2. However, I used my watch on NumBle at the same round and nothing came up. If the host hasn't a mistake, it means Leo is hiding something.

No effect. No one targeted Numble.

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#170 (ISO #13)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
There was a mistake. When I used my watch on NumBle at R2, he was targeted by Lawliet.

Also, the deputy claims #BlameItOnLeon to be the watcher, so my vote will go there

[vote #BlameItOnLeon]

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#176 (ISO #14)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Looking at Lo Tus's posts, she may aswell be a mafia. isolation.php?tid=26091&pid=7310
Also the fact that she changed the vote from Crisp0 to HATER is very suspicious. Furthermore, HATER mentioned this specifically
"I would still try to fight and would delay asking for a modkill if I wasn't about to be lynched anyways, but this makes it so that the modkill doesn't affect the game for the one remaining mafia member if he/she chooses to continue playing."

[vote Lo Tus]

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#184 (ISO #15)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
Ish is 100% confirmed villager according to the deputy's peek.

Its either Crisp0, Lo Tus, BlameItOnLeon or Sticky

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#194 (ISO #16)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge
[vote Crisp0]

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#209 (ISO #17)  Re: Mafia XXVIII: Revenge

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